One Piece Chapter 324


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Experience, Part 10: Gedatsu, you have to dig standing up!
You can see Gedatsu and Goro digging. As they do so, Gedatsu is standing horizontally on a wall and has bent his pickaxe when it hits something hard.


Water 7: Nami, Luffy and Usopp head for the shipyard, but first want to change the sack of gold from Skypiea into money, as the gold is too cumbersome to transport. From the reef where the The Going Merry is anchored, there is only one bridge leading into town, which immediately leads to a Rental Bull Shop. Curious, Luffy enters the store right away and the clerk enlightens her that Bulls are fish that swim with their heads above the surface of the water. There are Yagara Bulls, Rabka Bulls, and King Bulls. The vendor recommends them to take two Yagaras for 200 Berry for three people. Surprised, he hears that the Straw Hats came to Water 7 through the log port, so they must not know any Bulls. More canals exist in the city than alleys, so Bulls are the fastest means of transportation. By strapping a boat attachment to the backs of Bulls, you can ride them around town. Bulls are strong fish and with a Yagara you can even move. Luffy carelessly shows him the gold to see if the Yagara can transport it, causing the seller to raise the price to 1 million berries.

With the amount of gold they have, he recommends that they go to an exchange office in the city center and gives them a map. They set off and pass through a residential area, which they leave via channels leading upwards. The Yagaras have no trouble swimming against the current. After a short while they are in the business district, which seems very busy and is populated by many Bulls. Among other things they pass a large Rabka Bull, on which there are many masked people, as in general in the whole city there are many disguised persons. Luffy’s Yagara drives purposefully to a waterfront stall that sells water meat, Yagara’s favorite food. Luffy buys ten pieces and is delighted by the soft, delicious taste. According to the map, they need to get to the lock elevator to reach Shipyard Island. In front of a large tower-like building, an announcer announces that all users of the elevator should get into it, as the lock will be closing in a minute. The elevator is a tower filled with water. More water is fed through a channel from above, causing the column of water in the tower to rise, and the passengers with it.

Water 7, The Going Merry: Chopper and Robin have also gone into town to go shopping. When Zoro tells Sanji this, he also wants to go to town to store.

Water 7, Center: Nami, Usopp, and Luffy have arrived in the center at Dock #1 and curiously approach a cluster of people that has formed in front of the dock. A resident enlightens them that the Galley-La craftsmen have just defeated pirates, which is noted in wonder by Luffy. The craftsmen are the pride of the town and are revered by the populace. On the Going Merry, the sleeping Zoro is awakened by people who tried to kill him with a sword. However, he was able to parry the attack and wants to know who they are.

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