One Piece Chapter 323


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Experience, Part 9: Gedatsu, you’re supposed to bathe, not blow!
You can see a barrel in which hot bath water is evaporating. Goro and Gedatsu are blowing oxygen onto the heating fire with bamboo pipes. Gedatsu is naked and has his towel pinned to his hair.


Grand Line, Shift Station: Kokoro gives the Straw Hat Pirates a parting signpost to Water 7 and a letter of recommendation to repair the ship. Kokoro will be coming to Water 7 soon with Chimney and Gonbe as well, and when they see each other, she will buy them a drink. The log port takes a week to recharge in Water 7. They say their goodbyes and the Going Merry sets course for Water 7, where the Straw Hats plan to recruit a shipwright as their new comrade-in-arms. Kokoro still warns them about government officials. On the way, they chat about how the ship’s carpenter should be. Nami unfolds the directions, which turn out to be a sketch and no help. They are told to go see a Mr. Iceberg in town. Nami finally hands out a week’s worth of pocket money, and Usopp looks again at the seams of the repairs that are supposed to disappear after the Lamb’s major overhaul. An island appears on the horizon, the City of Water, Water 7. The city is built in terraces, with a huge fountain at the top.

Water 7: They pass Blue Station and ask about the harbor, which is supposed to be further towards town. A fisherman points out to them that pirates should rather dock in the back of town. Up close, they realize that the houses are built on foundations that are in the water. Another passerby in town tells them to dock on a reef outside of town, as pirates are not wanted. They dock at the reef and as Zoro takes in the sail, the mast breaks apart. Nami, Luffy and Usopp head into town to exchange the gold from Skypiea for money and seek out Mr. Iceberg.

Water 7, Dock #1: Mikazuki, captain of the Big Helmet Pirates, bounty 36,000,000 Berry, doesn’t want to pay for repairs to his ship because he thinks they are too expensive. Iceburg is standing nearby and wants to know what’s going on from his secretary Kalifa, who informs him of the situation. Mikazuki is warned by a craftsman not to mess with them. Another knocks the pirate captain unconscious with a log from behind. As the crew seeks revenge, they are attacked by more craftsmen. A cannon that had not yet been in use is fired at the helmet pirate gang. After a very short battle, the pirates are defeated by the craftsmen of the Galley-La Company. The company is a shipbuilding company in Water 7 and a supplier to the world government.

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