One Piece Chapter 322


Gedatsu’s accidental blue experience, part 8: Gedatsu, you have to blink too!
In the foreground, Gedatsu is digging with a shovel, and his eyes are watering. In the background, you can see Goro and baskets of spoil and a winch.


Grand Line, The Going Merry: The Straw Hat Pirates stayed on Long Ring Long Land for four more days after the battle against Admiral Aokiji so as not to jeopardize the recovery of Luffy and Robin. Three more days later, the crew is on their journey to the next island in bright sunshine. There is a boisterous mood on the ship. Nami is offered a potato dish by Sanji after sunbathing. After Nami’s praise, Sanji gloats exuberantly, which wakes up Zoro, who immediately grumbles at Sanji. Chopper and Usopp stand on deck celebrating, waiting for Luffy to come storming out the door, dusting himself with flour and pretending to be frozen. All three laugh their heads off at the joke. Robin comes on deck and is greeted joyfully by everyone. With a smile, she thanks Chopper, whom she calls Doctor. While Robin just wants a coffee, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper also get Potato Pies like Nami. Usopp tells the astonished Chopper that a Pie is the tail of the Pie Monster he caught before breakfast. It is said to have been more than 100 meters long.

Suddenly a giant frog, its belly covered with many scars, crawls past the Lamb and is discovered by the crew. Immediately the pursuit is to be taken up. The rudder is taken out and course is set for two o’clock. The frog is to be dinner. Nami discovers a lighthouse in the middle of the water through a telescope. However, the log port does not point to the tower, but the frog is heading for it, so the straw hats head for the tower as well. Arriving at the tower, the Lamb suddenly runs aground and Nami immediately gives the order to turn 180°. By the narrowest of margins, they are able to avoid a large train that is crossing the water. The frog is also in the way of the train, but makes no move to avoid it. It is hit and flung away.

People come out of the building by the tower and greet the Straw Hats. They are the stationmaster Kokoro, her niece Chimney and the cat (actually a rabbit) Gonbe. They are located at the Shift station. Luffy introduces himself as the future Pirate King, which only gets a laugh out of Kokoro. Chimney enlightens them about Puffing Tom, a steam engine powered train that runs on rails just below the surface of the water. It is unique in the world and transports people, mail, and goods from island to island. Luffy is disappointed by the unsuccessful hunt for the frog, but Chimney thinks that the frog is called Yokuzuna and often tests strength with Puffing Tom. In the process, he has caused some damage and harassed train passengers. Luffy is impressed by Yokuzuna’s courage and decides he doesn’t want to eat him anymore. If the Straw Hats want to travel by sea train, they can go to St. Poplar, the city of the Spring Queen, Pucci, the city of gourmets, or San Faldo, the city of Carnival. But they want to follow the log port by ship, which points north. Kokoro thinks they need to get to Water 7, which is where the Blue Station train came from. The town lives off shipbuilding and houses the best shipwrights in the world. Luffy gives orders to go to Water 7 and get a new comrade-in-arms, a shipwright.

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