One Piece Chapter 321


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 7: You Must Open Your Mouth While Eating!
In the foreground, Goro and Gedatsu take a little break. Gedatsu holds the break food to his cheek. In the sky, the two sparrows with Gedatsu’s hairdo are flying again.


Grand Line, Long Ring Long Land, The Going Merry: Chopper and Usopp have brought Nico Robin, frozen by Admiral Aokiji, aboard the The Going Merry to the bathroom and are trying to thaw her out. She’s no longer breathing, and the two of them splash warm water on her and pour vats on her for good measure. Usopp yells at Chopper to see if this is actually helping her. Chopper reacts very irritably, saying he doesn’t know because this is the first time he’s treated a frozen human. After yelling at each other, however, they refocus on their task of saving Robin. Someone outside calls out to Chopper. Nami, Sanji, and Zoro have come back to the Lamb. They ask him what they should do with the frozen spots. Chopper tells them to thaw them with water, however Robin is in the bathroom, at which point Zoro and Sanji unceremoniously jump into the ocean. They are to massage the spots once the ice has thawed. Shortly after, the two sit on the deck and massage the frozen areas of their bodies. Usopp steps onto the deck and wants to know where Luffy is. He learns about the duel with Blue Fasen and Luffy’s orders to leave him alone. Usopp accuses them of abandoning Luffy, saying they should have ignored the order. Sanji goes after him, yelling at him that it was their captain’s will. Zoro stops them because the Straw Hat Pirates is in a crisis situation. They need to be ready in case Luffy dies.

Luffy vs Aokiji: Luffy is already covered in ice on some parts of his body. He charges doggedly at Aokiji, who simply puts his hand out to stop him. Luffy ducks under the hand and kicks the admiral into the air. He sucks in air and twists his body as he does so, only to blow the air out downwards and catapult himself upwards moments later. Luffy goes to hit him with the Gomu Gomu no Storm, but doesn’t even touch Aokiji, who clung to Luffy as he fell and froze him completely with Ice Time. Back on the ground, Aokiji sits down across from the frozen Luffy and scratches his head. He realizes he was set up, as he took a duel and now that fight is over. He must not harm the rest of the crew now. He warns him again about Nico Robin and her danger to the Straw Hat Pirates. She will destroy the gang if she stays with them. He lunges with his leg, but deliberately steps next to Luffy, who he could kill instantly. For his victory over Crocodile, however, the Marine is grateful to him. He wants to list another point, but decides otherwise and just calls Smoker an idiot.

Sanji and Zoro come running to the battle site to find only the frozen Luffy, who they immediately take to the Lamb. Aokiji is at the waterfront and gets on his bike. He notices on a map that the next island the Straw Hats will arrive at is Water 7, which is very close to the Navy Headquarters. He rides his bike across the water. On the Lamb, a distraught Chopper comes out of the bathroom and reports that both Luffy and Robin have their hearts beating again. There is much rejoicing, and they decide to stay at anchor off Long Ring Long Land for some more time to tend to their wounds, even though the log port is already charged. Usopp blames himself for not helping during the fight, but is curtly reprimanded by Zoro to rest. During the night, Robin lies in bed with her eyes open.

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