One Piece Chapter 320


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blaumeerer Life, Part 6: “You have to breathe, Gedatsu!” Goro and Gedatsu are digging, but Gedatsu forgets to breathe and turns powder red.


Aokiji is now alone with the Straw Hat Pirates on Long Ring Long Land. He admits that he thinks the gang is dangerous, despite being so small. The most threatening of all the crew members, he says, is Nico Robin. He tells her that she had a high bounty on her head even as an eight-year-old girl. He realizes that the Straw Hat Pirates is her current loophole.

Sanji gets mad at the way the Admiral talks about Robin. However, he keeps talking and says that the Straw Hats will live to regret taking Robin in. He says she was a huge burden to them because all the organizations Robin was involved with were eliminated. Only she survived every time.

Now Robin gets angry too and wants to finish Aokiji off with Treinta Fleurs, Clutch. However, the latter shows himself unimpressed. Immediately he breaks in half and only ice remains of him. However, the Admiral resurrects from the ice, as he has Logia powers.

Aokiji now plucks some grass from the ground and breathes on it with his icy breath: he creates the Ice Saber. He now lunges to kill Robin, but Zoro is able to block the sword slash with his own sword. Now Sanji joins in as well, kicking the Ice Saber away with the Slice Shoot. Luffy now attacks the Admiral directly with a Gomu Gomu no Bullet, but suddenly his arm starts to freeze. Zoro and Sanji are also partially iced.

Chopper warns that it is imperative that the three of them be treated or they will lose their limbs. Aokiji takes the opportunity to freeze Robin completely. Luffy is furious and asks what he did to her. But Aokiji only says that she’s not dead yet, but will still die if she’s iced attacked. He takes a swing at Robin with his fist.

Luffy is able to grab the frozen Robin at the last moment and hands her over to Usopp, who runs away in panic. Nami also joins in now, but like the others, she doesn’t stand a chance. Zoro and Sanji are up again and want to continue, but Luffy shouts for them to stop. He wants a man on man fight with the admiral.

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