One Piece Chapter 319


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blaumeer Life, Part 5: I’m Going to Be a Blaumeer Pusher! Gedatsu explains his plan to Goro, who is sitting on a sofa eating. Gedatsu has made himself comfortable in a barrel.


Luffy asks Robin if she knows the admiral. But she doesn’t answer, only Aokiji says that they know each other from before. The Straw Hat Pirates stands ready to fight. But the admiral explains that he’s just taking a walk because the weather is so nice. Now Robin also explains that he is one of the three admirals of the navy, with only Grand Admiral Sengoku above him.

Zoro and Usopp wonder why he doesn’t chase stronger pirates. Aokiji first hits on Nami, which upsets Sanji a lot. But he explains again that he’s just going for a walk and wants to say something else, but has already forgotten. Usopp wonders how someone like that can only be an admiral.

He says that his motto is “sloppy justice”, which doesn’t exactly surprise Sanji and Usopp. He lies back down to rest his legs. He also says that he wanted to see what happened to Robin, too. Then he wants to calculate the bounty of the Straw Hat Pirates, but is too lazy to do so.

Luffy is pissed off that the admiral wants to walk near them of all things and attacks him too, but is held back by Usopp and Sanji. He offers to help Tonjit move on. Luffy discourages Tonjit from accepting the admiral’s help, but then realizes that he himself is actually the evil pirate.

Everyone wonders how he is going to help Tonjit, but Robin confirms that he could actually do that. They all head for the coast now. Tonjit packed all his stuff and took Shelly with him. Aokiji now goes to the sea and asks everyone to go back a little. He dips his finger in the water, and is suddenly attacked by a sea king. But all of a sudden, all the sea water freezes into ice along with the sea king! He ate the frozen fruit and is the Iceman. That’s the power of a naval admiral!

Everyone stands there stunned. Now Tonjit can finally evade by walking across the ice, which Admiral says will last a week. Tonjit thanks everyone and says goodbye.

The Admiral is now sitting on the grass, alone with the Straw Hat Pirates. As he does so, he mentions Luffy’s grandfather, with Luffy suddenly starting to shake. Aokiji says that he had met him once. He came to the island to see Luffy and Robin. He asks them if they want to die now after all.

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