One Piece Chapter 318


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blaumeerer Life, Part 4: The Grave Goro dreams of a hot spring. Goro and Gedatsu go to Goro’s hut. However, while Goro enters the hut through the door, Gedatsu tries to squeeze through the window.


Foxy is flung through the air and falls into the water, which is outside the playing field. The Foxy pirates are horrified. Luffy has broken the streak of 920 straight wins and won the Davy Back Fight. But now the pirates are worried about their boss, since he can’t swim as a Devil Fruit user, and they all want to save him.

Luffy is now lying in the grass next to his fellow competitors and suddenly wakes up from his sleep. He is already worried that the victory was just a dream, but his friends assure him that he really did it. Luffy is overjoyed at this. Foxy now goes to Luffy and even congratulates him. He shakes his hand, but really wants to knock him over, but only hurts himself since he can’t pull Luffy’s rubber arm along.

Foxy urges haste and offers Luffy 3 ship’s carpenters to choose from: Donovan, Sonieh and Gina. Luffy doesn’t want any of them though, he wants the pirate flag of the Foxy gang. Sanji is beside himself that Luffy’s choice wasn’t Gina. He wants to paint Foxy a new pirate flag for them to sail under. Foxy is blown away by Luffy’s modesty. At least until he sees the results.

The Foxy pirates now leave. Luffy now returns to Tonjit and brings him Foxy’s flag. He is very grateful to the captain for what he has done. He invites the Straw Hat Pirates to his house. But as he is about to enter the house, he suddenly runs into something. At his front door is a tall man sleeping standing up!

The man wakes up and asks who the straw hats are. But they want to ask him that too. Suddenly Robin is seen crawling on the floor in panic. The rest of the Straw Hats don’t understand her fear. The man points out how pretty Robin has become. It’s Admiral Aokiji from naval headquarters!

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