One Piece Chapter 317


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates doing laundry. Zoro messes around with a reptile in the water. Usopp, Chopper and Luffy are admonished by Sanji to help out instead of just fooling around.


Davy Back Fight, Kombatt, Luffy vs Foxy: Both opponents are already badly battered. Luffy, to everyone’s surprise, gets back up to fight for his friends after the burns he suffered. Everyone is heavily impressed with him and even the Foxy pirates are cheering him on now. Foxy himself is pissed off about this, of course.

Foxy tries the Slow Beam again, which Luffy is able to dodge at first, but is ultimately too debilitated and thus too slow.
Foxy prepares his final attack: Foxy Fighter. Luffy regains normal speed before the Foxy Fighter can hit him. Nevertheless, he is again too slow and feels the full force of the attack.

Foxy is already enjoying his victory when he realizes that Luffy is still standing! He’s had enough and wants to put an end to the fight with the Megaton Nine-Tail Rush. Luffy counters with his gum-gum gatling.
During the exchange of blows, Foxy manages to activate his Slow Beam once again. However, this time it is not Luffy who is moving in slow motion. It’s his opponent, who has slowed down with his own attack!

The reason for this is a piece of the mirror that was hanging in Luffy’s afro. It had reflected the Slow Beam. The Straw Hat goes for his final attack: the Gomu Gomu no Flail. Everyone counts down the slow-beam’s countdown. Foxy is tossed into the sea and has lost the fight!

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