One Piece Chapter 316


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 3: Survived!
Gedatsu is sitting on the ground with a large bump on his head and his eyes and mouth wide open. Next to him sits a man who has just taken a break from eating.


Davy Back Fight, Kombatt, Inside the Sexy Foxy: Foxy explains to the paralyzed Luffy that a punch delivered during the effect of the Lame Ray builds up and explodes all at once. The 30 seconds ends and the effect of the Nine Tail Rush kicks in with full force, hurling Luffy into the dark space behind him. He falls a few feet until he hits the floor. The lights come on and Foxy sits high on a device he introduces as Gorilla Puncher #13, a robot filling the width of the room with 25 fists on its front. Foxy fires a slow-beam over Luffy, but there’s a mirror attached to the back and the beam is reflected back at Luffy, who just barely manages to dodge it, but was hit by a punch from the gorilla, whose punches burn to boot. Foxy takes out a mirror bat and fires the slow beams criss-crossing the room.

With great difficulty, Luffy is able to dodge the slow-beams and punches. He has an idea and simply smashes the mirror. Suddenly he is next to Foxy and hits him with a gum-gum gun. Without the mirror, he can easily dodge the slow-beams that follow, but is hit by the Gorilla Punch: Golden Hits. Countless punches come down on Luffy.

In the stands, they wonder how the fight is going. By moving the fight inside the ship, they haven’t noticed anything. Something explodes on the deck and as the cloud of smoke clears, Foxy stands over a motionless Luffy with his hands raised in jubilation. Everyone cheers, but Luffy stands back up. With a sword grip, Foxy concentrates his Slow Beam, paralyzing only Luffy’s arms and legs. Now he slashes at Luffy with Megaton Nine-Tail Rush. Going down hit, he gets back up and Foxy repeats his attack. Luffy is badly hurt, but he struggles back up. Loudly he shouts out that even if he has to die for it, he won’t give up his comrades-in-arms.

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