One Piece Chapter 315


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 2: An Island with Many Holes.
The person has fallen head first into one of very many holes in the ground on an island. You can see a forest in the background, with three S-shaped trees sticking out of the canopy.


Davy Back Fight, Combat: The massive explosion of the Foxy Face Bomb has swept the deck of the Sexy Foxy. Worm tries to spot Luffy, but can’t see him. The latter sits on the mast and asks the passing worm what he has against him. Worm is shocked and praises the escape from the explosion as the true power of a 100 million head. Luffy jumps back to the deck, where out of the mists of the explosion steps a badly battered Foxy, who has blown himself up. Dodging the slow-beam fired, Luffy is behind Foxy in a flash, where he uses the Gomu Gomu no Hook, hitting him in the back. He wants to break Foxy’s arm so he can’t use his lame beam anymore. Quickly, Foxy escapes back into the smoke. Luffy hits a shadow, which turns out to be just a wooden dummy. Out of the mist comes a slow beam fired, which Luffy manages to dodge. More dummy shadows appear in the smoke and Foxy laughs because Luffy can’t make out the real one. The latter just says they all have the stupid face, which makes the real Foxy go down on his knees for the insult. Immediately Luffy punches him in the face.

Distracted by a feint, Luffy is transported inside the ship through a trapdoor. The floor moves very quickly and throws Luffy out of the ship. He is able to prevent the impending fall into the sea by grabbing onto the railing and pulling himself up. Foxy is gone, but a door to the inside of the ship is open and Luffy runs inside. He lands in the cannon deck at the end of which a door slams shut. Foxy hides behind it in a room whose floor is made of iron spikes, except for a small walkway by the door. His plan is for Luffy to run in and get impaled. Suddenly the wall blows up and Foxy falls onto the spears himself, but is only slightly injured. Luffy had pointed a cannon at the wall and fired. Foxy escapes further down and runs into the toilet. Suspecting no sanity in Luffy, he uses Foxy Shichihenge. In doing so, he transforms into a woman. Luffy opens the door and doesn’t recognize him. He goes back out when he notices a resemblance. Opening the door again, he asks the transformed Foxy if he is his sister, but is hit in the face by the Counter-Fox blast. Again, Foxy flees and Luffy runs after him. At the kitchen, he opens the door and asks the cook if he has seen a split-head. Deeply offended, the once again transformed Foxy goes down. Luffy sees through the transformation, but is hit by the Slow Beam. The Nine-Tail Rush is said to transport him after the 30 seconds into a dark room opened by Foxy, where no living thing is said to be despite two blinking eyes.

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