One Piece Chapter 313


Zoro is sitting in the savannah at a waterhole and wants to catch a fish with his hand. He signals an ox in the waterhole to be quiet. Zoro has hung clothes on his horns.


Davy Back Fight, knockout wrestling match: Sanji and Zoro emerge victorious from the second round. The entire Straw Hat Pirates celebrates the victory, especially Chopper, who now hopes to be welcomed back by his old crew after being forced to join the Foxy Pirates after losing the first round. Nami gives his whistle to the referee, who whistles for a foul but unintentionally blows the final whistle. The knockout wrestling match is officially over. Now Luffy, as captain, gets to take either a new comrade-in-arms or the Foxy Gang flag. Nami suggests choosing Foxy to compete in the last match, the Kombatt, thus winning the last round without a fight, then choosing Chopper. The Foxy gang boo Nami, saying this is the Peanut tactic that no one has ever dared to use. However, since Foxy would become a crew member of the Straw Hats with this tactic, they eventually reject the proposal and choose Chopper, who is overjoyed to rejoin the Straw Hat Pirates.

Itomimizu now announces the final battle, the Kombatt, a duel between captains Luffy and Foxy. The pitch is chosen by a cannon, which is spun until the fuse burns out and fires the shot. The cannon is faked and stops suddenly, the shot going to Sexy Foxy. Anything within a 50-meter radius of the cannonball landing squarely on the ship may be used. Whoever leaves the circle has lost and no one but the opponents may enter it. The pre-show begins and cheerleaders dance on stage and souvenirs are sold in the stores. Luffy must prepare himself and Usopp serves as his second. A huge stage for the audience is erected in front of the Sexy Foxy. The performance of the fighters begins. Entering for the Foxy Pirates is the 920-time champion, Foxy the Silver Fox. From the East Blue, for the Straw Hat Pirates, enters Luffy, wanted by 100,000,000 Berry, who steps out of his corner with an afro. The Combat Begins.

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