One Piece Chapter 312


Nami is sitting on a black couch reading a book called ‘Romance’. Two monkeys are sitting on the couch with her. One is eating a banana while the other is reading a book titled ‘Love Story’.


Davy Back Fight, knockout wrestling match: Worm circles the field on his hyperspace, thinking it’s over. The two straw hats lie motionless on the floor as both suddenly stand again. Foxy orders a monster burger from the knockout monsters. His crew is shocked, Zoro and Sanji wouldn’t stand a chance now. Hamburger pulls out two iron baseball bats and wants to make mincemeat. Pickles pulls out two swords and takes care of shredded pickles, green salad, and yellow cheese. Foxy’s gang cheers. Big Pan has two huge iron clamps with which to crush everything, the result is then the monster burger. Since the referee is doing a bridge, he doesn’t get any of the weapons that are against the rules. Sanji doesn’t care and he runs towards Hamburger.

He is too fast for Hamburger and is able to hit him in the face with Toroaième Haché and kicks him with Bouquetière Shoot against Pickles who is spinning with his swords. Big Pan isn’t paying attention and ends up crushing Hamburger, who goes down motionless. Pickles spins furiously towards Sanji, but is grabbed by the leg by Zoro, who fires him with the Zero Sword Style Dragon Tornado at Big Pan. No longer able to stop the swords, he slashes Big Pan’s stomach. Using the Anti-Manner Kick Course, Sanji prevents Big Pan from falling over by kicking him in the back. Unconscious, Big Pan now stands there and Zoro runs at him. Pickles gets in the way but doesn’t notice Sanji, who kicks him off the field right onto the referee, who is buried under Pickles. He saw a foul and wants to give Sanji the red card, but Nami stole it from him, so the match continues. Zoro stands on Sanji’s left leg and gets hit with Armée de l’air – Power Shoot to Big Pan’s head. Zoro grabs the top jaw and pulls Big Pan towards the finish ring. With full force, the ball man is rammed into the ring. Zoro and Sanji have scored the goal.

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