One Piece Chapter 311


Usopp is building a tree house with two rodents and they are taking a break while enjoying the view.


Davy Back Fight, Knockout Wrestling: Worm, the host of the wrestling match, is impressed by the strength of Zoro and Sanji, who have thrown the knockout monsters into the air. Hamburger and Pickles are down injured after flying at each other. Big Pan attacks them both and Zoro has to run away because Big Pan suddenly has metal spikes on his shoes and is using them to impale Zoro. Coincidentally, the referee is looking away at the moment, so the rule violation of not using weapons goes without consequence. Sanji angrily kicks him away and receives a yellow card for it. If he receives another, he has to leave the field. Meanwhile, Big Pan chases Zoro with an axe, which the ref again doesn’t see, now Luffy wants to punch him away, but is held back by Usopp so as not to complicate the situation.

Sanji and Zoro charge at the ball man Big Pan, who throws down and lets them both land on his slick skin. Racing Circus, he forms a circle with his body and the two straw hats are caught in the middle, sliding across the skin. He rolls towards Pickles, who is standing again, and Hamburger, who has armed himself with weapons. Hamburger has metal on his fists and elbows, while Pickles has spikes attached to his shoulders. Since the referee is doing gymnastics with his back to them, he can’t see. Big Pan sends Zoro and Sanji flying up with the Eel Rollercoaster. Both are disoriented by the racing circus as everything is spinning. Pickles launches Hamburger into the air with his spinning tackle. Hamburger knocks Zoro down with his iron fists. Big Pan jumps up and slams Hamburger down, who rams his iron reinforced elbows into Zoro’s stomach. Now they take care of Sanji. Pickles jumps into Big Pan’s mouth and gets man cannoned on Sanji, who can’t avoid the sling tackle. While still in the air, Hamburger slams him to Pickles, who bounces him off his thorny shoulder to Big Pan. Big Pan slams Sanji hard to the floor. Both of them are now lying together badly injured. Zoro asks Sanji to give him ten seconds of cover.

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