One Piece Chapter 310


Color Spread with the title: Shibaraku
Luffy and Usopp stand as samurais next to Robin, who kneels between them dressed in a kimono. All of them are holding swords. There is a dragon in the background. Usopp is still holding an umbrella.


Davy Back Fight, Knockout Wrestling: The second round begins. It’s Zoro and Sanji fighting for the Straw Hat Pirates against the knockout monsters Pickles, Hamburger and Big Pan of the Foxy Pirates. Sanji and Big Pan are each the balls that the opponent must bring into the ring. In the coin toss, the knockout monsters choose the ball. Sanji discusses with Zoro that he doesn’t want to be the ball man and only accepts it when Nami praises him. Commenting on the round is worm again. Zoro has to put down his swords as weapons are not allowed. Sanji must now join the circle of opponents and the match begins.

Immediately Pickles rushes at Sanji and goes for a sling tackle. Sanji just leaps over him towards Big Pan and goes for a neck kick. Big Pan extends his arm, which Sanji lands on and slips away because it’s very slippery. Worm enlightens the crowd that Big Pan is an eel fish giant. Distracted by Zoro calling him an idiot, Sanji is unable to block Big Pan’s punch and is knocked to the other side of the field. Hamburger and Zoro run to Sanji’s likely landing spot, but Zoro is pushed away by Pickles’ spring cleaning tackle. Hamburger jumps to Sanji, grabs his chest and throws him further towards the ring. Pickles meanwhile has moved on and is waiting for him, but Zoro is back to stop him. With a spinning tackle, Pickles is able to keep him at bay while tossing Sanji up once more. Big Pan runs up from behind and throws Hamburger high in the air to Sanji. Again Hamburger grabs Sanji and they fall towards the ring where Sanji is now about to be thrown. Zoro quickly grabs Pickles’ leg and spins him around and throws him into the path of the two falling. Sanji notices and he kicks Hamburger in turn at Pickles, because he definitely doesn’t want any help from the swordsman. The match continues.


The word “shibaraku (note: needs link)″ (暫, しばらく) is both a Kabuki that titles the thematic framework of the Color Spread, and also means not seeing you for a while“, as in “I won’t see you for a while”. In light of the composition of this Color Spread, and given the role of Usopp and Robin during the subsequent Water 7 story arc, this can be seen as a hidden foreshadowing of subsequent events.

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