One Piece Chapter 309


Robin walks along the beach, holding her shoes in her hands and wearing a dress, she passes a turtle wearing a hat.


Davy Back Fight, Donut Race: Cuty Waggon of the Foxy Pirates crosses the finish line first and is the winner of the first round of the Davy Back Fight. The rest of the Straw Hats want to know from Nami, Robin and Usopp what happened, as their boat Fass Tiger was in the lead until just before the finish. Nami tells of the beam from Foxy’s hand, the Slow Beam, and that they were suddenly paralyzed. Everything around them became very slow. Foxy tells them the effect was caused by the paralysis light molecule, an unknown element. When the radiation hits an object, it retains its energy but loses its physical speed for 30 seconds. He has the devil’s power of the Lame Fruit. He demonstrates his abilities by shooting the Slow Beam at a bullet fired from Hamburger. The bullet stops in mid-air, but hits Foxy because he doesn’t dodge it after 30 seconds.

Now, under the rules of the Davy Back Fight, Foxy gets to pick a crew member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He chooses the ship’s doctor, Tony Tony Tony Chopper. Immediately he is warmly greeted by the Foxy gang and placed on the podium. Chopper calls out to his friends and has tears in his eyes. It is because of Luffy and his crew that he became a pirate. He doesn’t want to join the Foxy Pirates. Zoro angrily puts a bottle on the ground and yells at Chopper to shut up. Zoro tells him it had been his, Chopper’s, own decision to go to sea. How the ride ends is his own responsibility. They took the gamble and Usopp, Nami and Robin gave it their all and lost. No one feels sorry for a crybaby. If he’s a man, he’s quiet and watches the game go on. Chopper pushes away his tears and sits on the stool in silence. Zoro is pleased with this reaction.

Since Chopper was actually scheduled for the second round, he is now missing from the Straw Hat Pirates. Since no one is allowed to be swapped or substituted, only Zoro and Sanji compete in the second round, the knockout wrestling match. Worm, as moderator, explains the rules. Two fields, each with a ring as a target, serve as the playing field. Whoever gets the ball into the ring first is the winner. Only the ball is a teammate of the respective team. When asked who the ball is, Zoro immediately points to Sanji, who gets a ball tied to his head. In Foxy Pirates, the entry of their fighters is celebrated. The lower jaw of the figurehead of Sexy Foxy opens and with musical backing, the three fighters for the Foxy Pirates, the knockout monsters, appear:
Hamburger, the four-legged
Pickles, the tackle machine
Big Pan, a giant fish man

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