One Piece Chapter 308


Chopper is lying on the ground among seals.


Long Ring Long Land, Coral Belt, Donut Race: Both ships are heading for the reef. On shore are Foxy and Hamburger, who want to sabotage the race. Nami detects strange currents coming through the reef and urges caution. Cuty Waggon, meanwhile, just drives into the coral but keeps getting pushed out. Nami recognizes her opportunity and navigates Barrel Tiger into the coral. Foxy shoots a wall of fog into the coral, which makes navigation impossible, Operation Everything Fog. However, Barrel Tiger simply drives through the fog and does not need to be steered. The vortex behind the coral belt creates currents that merge into one another. If you choose the right entrance, you will automatically be guided through the coral. In order to overcome the whirlpool behind it, Usopp should once again use the Impact, which Nami had planned from the beginning. This causes Fass Tiger to fly over the whirlpool and the Long Cap.

Capote and Monda, meanwhile, form the turbo engine in the Cutty wagon and break through the coral reef. Foxy’s operation ‘lie instruction’ with a fake signpost doesn’t work either and Fass Tiger keeps his lead. Even Foxy as a needy old woman can’t soften Nami, nor can Operation ‘Bogus Target’, a false target gate, which on the contrary Cuty Waggon falls for, losing time. Cuty Waggon approaches the bamboo cap, and thus the correct target. Usopp drops Bamboo to stop Cuty Waggon, who is catching up. Porche uses Cuty Baton, Rose Rain, razor sharp rose petals that cause leaks at Barrel Tiger. Despite this, they are still in the lead and getting closer and closer to the finish. Barrel Tiger looks like the sure winner. Foxy, riding alongside, also has devilish powers according to his crew and shoots the Slow Beam on Barrel Tiger.

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