One Piece Chapter 307


Sanji is sitting in a room smoking and writing with a quill. There are two bunnies in the room with him, watching him or looking at crumpled drafts.


Long Ring Long Land: The donut race of the Davy Back Fight begins. The team that gets their boat around the island first wins. Guns, cannons, and explosives are allowed. Each team is given an Eternal port so they don’t get lost. The race begins, commented by Itomimizu on his hyperspace. Right at the beginning, the Foxy Gang crew shoots at Barrel Tiger with Nami, Usopp, and Robin from land. The boat flies away and Cuty Waggon with Porche, Capote and Monda takes the lead. As soon as Barrel Tiger lands, a large rock flies towards the boat, which they manage to row away from. Usopp and Nami complain loudly about the fouls, but Robin thinks they are on equal footing and sure enough, an angry Sanji attacks the Foxy Gang for shooting at Nami and Robin.

Barrel Tiger catches up, but Capote uses Sea Fission, which breaks off part of Barrel Tiger. Usopp’s Fireball has no effect, but Robin’s Ocho Fleurs, Flipp can knock Capote out momentarily. Barrel Tiger advances too slowly, even a wind dial does nothing. Robin rows her hands and through her devil power, she can read a book while doing so. Suddenly, Barrel Tiger shoots past Cuty Waggon. Usopp used an impact dial, but dislocated his shoulder. Monda, driving Cuty Waggon, gives it all to her and takes the lead again. A coral belt appears in front of them, with Long Cap behind it and a whirlpool. On land, Foxy emerges riding hamburger. He’s the king of disruptors and already has a plan.

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