One Piece Chapter 306


Luffy was made into a flying fox by Usopp with branches, staples, and cloths, and now flies alongside a real one.


Long Ring Long Land, Pampa: Luffy wants to know from Usopp why he shouldn’t accept the challenge to the Davy Back Fight, but Foxy says it doesn’t matter anyway because Luffy already accepted. Tonjit aims a gun at Foxy and wants to avenge his horse Shelly, but is stopped by Luffy because Tonjit wouldn’t stand a chance against pirates.

The Going Merry: Still trapped by the Foxy Pirates’s ship, the crew explains to the remaining Straw Hats from the Davy Back Fight. Sanji knows it, it was invented on Pirate Island, the pirate’s paradise. For a better crew, they fought over pirates. The Foxy Pirates wants the Threepenny Game. If you win, you can choose one of your opponent’s crew or take their Jolly Roger. The ship sunk by the Sea Monkeys belonged to the Foxy Pirates, with whom you played the Threepenny Game five times. One got 14 new comrades-in-arms and the flag. When the two captains shoot at the same time, the game is sealed. Nami immediately wants to run to stop Luffy because she thinks the game is cruel. But it’s too late, the gunshots ring out and all but Nami and Usopp are excited and looking forward to the game.

On the coast at the The Going Merry, the Foxy Pirates has set up a sort of fair around the Davy Back Fight. There are food stalls, betting booths and a big stage. There are three rules for the losers to swear an oath to.
1. lost competitors or flags can only be won back in a re-match!
2. Selected competitors of the opponent must swear loyalty to the new captain!
3. A lost flag may never be raised again!
Anyone who does not follow the rules will be sacrificed to Davy Jones. Foxy tosses three coins into the sea and reports the three-card game to Davy Jones according to the usual rules.

Davy Jones is a pirate cursed by the devil, who is said to live in the sea and fetches sunken ships and treasures to himself. Foxy already knows exactly who he will get as a new comrade-in-arms from the Straw Hat Pirates if he wins. According to the rules, seven people per team are allowed to participate, each person may only participate once, and there are no changes. The following is the breakdown the Straw Hat Pirates chooses:
Donut Race: Usopp, Nami and Nico Robin.
Knockout Wrestling: Zoro, Sanji and Chopper
Combat: Luffy

The Donut Race is the first competition. A boat is to be built from three barrels and two oars, which must be rowed once around the island. Flying on a Hyperspatz, Itomimizu from the Foxy Gang takes over the reporting of the competition. The boat built by the Straw Hats is called the Barrel Tiger. The Foxy Gang’s competitors are Porche, the swordfish man Capote, and the star shark Monda, with the boat Cuty Waggon. Both teams are preparing for the start.

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