One Piece Chapter 305


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 29: In the Name of the Pirate
Ace stands on his boat with a determined expression on his face, one foot propped up on the railing. Behind him is the sail of the small boat with Whitebeard’s mark on it.


Grand Line, Long Ring Long Land: The little man introduces himself as Tonjit and the bamboo trees are stilts on which he stood for ten years. He wanted to set a world record, but at some point he couldn’t get down. Because of other trees also so high, he could eat the fruits there and survive. Because there is so much space in the Pampa, the creatures also become very long. Among other things, a daaaackel, snow leopard and a Schnaaaabeltier. Tonjit notices that his village has disappeared, but first invites Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp for some milk, but it has since turned into stinky cheese. The population of the village are nomads, and the island is actually ring-shaped, but is divided into ten islands by the water. Once a year at low tide, all the islands are connected to each other in a large ring. Every three years they move one island further, so Tonjit would have to wait another 20 years until he sees his friends again. But the crossing is only possible with a Pfeeeerd, because only with this you can reach the next island before the tide. Usopp tells him about the horse they saw.

Tonjit and Shelly meet again and the joy is great. All this time Shelly has been waiting and Tonjit rides him extensively first.
Review: The villagers ask Shelly if he really doesn’t want to go, they won’t be back for 27 years, but Shelly is determined to stay.
Present: Suddenly a shot is fired and Shelly goes down hit. Three people emerge from the Foxy Pirate gang.

Captain Foxy, the Silver Fox, bounty: 24 million berry and the combatants Hamburger and Porche.
Shelly was only hit in the leg and will be fine according to Chopper. Luffy is furious and wants to go after Foxy. However, Porche stops him by listing the bounties of the Straw Hats. Foxy wants to challenge Luffy to a Davy Back Fight. Luffy immediately wants to accept, but immediately Usopp warns him strongly not to do so, because otherwise he will lose his comrades-in-arms.

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