One Piece Chapter 304


Mini story in color: The One Piece Theatre ‘Concert at Sea
Headline: The colors in the rainbow so pretty in the sky
To attract fish, the Straw Hat Pirates puts on a concert. They play music on a raft and the legendary rainbow sea serpents appear above them, forming a wave.


Grand Line, The Going Merry: The Sea Monkeys are back and are about to sink the Lamb with a wave. Immediately they try to get the ship out of harm’s way when Usopp notices a new problem. Another ship is coming towards them with neither flag nor sail set and appears to have a very small crew. The crew sits slumped on the deck with no apparent will to live. Luffy warns them about the giant wave of sea monkeys. On the alien ship, everyone is now giving orders and no one is following them, they just yell at each other and eventually get sunk by the wave. The sea monkeys rejoice.

The Lamb has escaped the apes and the stable climate heralds a new island, reported by Robin. They dock, but there is nothing on the island but savannah and some trees. They enter the land and encounter animals, all strangely long, like the trees. Later, they discover a round house where no one is to be found. Outside the house, Usopp, Chopper, and Luffy discover a saddled horse. They also discover two very tall bamboo trees by the house, which suddenly run away and then kick Luffy. Pissed off, the latter kicks the bamboo with his gum-gum whip. The bamboo topples over and a little man falls down with it.

The Going Merry: The Lamb has been blocked by a much larger ship. These introduce themselves as the Foxy Pirates and want to challenge the Straw Hats to a duel.


  • This chapter originally had a total of four color pages in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and 11th Log, depicting a One Piece Theater episode. In the 32nd anthology of the saga titled The Voice of the IslandHowever, these were printed in grayscale as usual. This Jump issue is one of the few instances where a second place series also received color pages. Opening color pages in this Christmas issue had Eyeshield 21.
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