One Piece Chapter 303


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 28: Happy Latte Roundup
The conference round of the G-2 naval base is on display. Everyone, including Vice Admiral Comil, is putting on a happy face as the coffee finally doesn’t taste bitter anymore.


Grand Line, Jaya: Mont Blanc Cricket declares the search for the Golden City is over, it’s in heaven, not on the ocean floor. He thanks Masira and Shoujou’s gang of monkeys for their support. He asks them what dream they should make happen next.

Jaya, Mocktown: Bellamy the Hyena and his vice Bigknife Sarquiss are facing off. Bellamy is already badly injured from the fight. Her team asks her to stop the fight. Sarquiss also asks someone to stop. One person asks why this is happening. The answer she gets is that they desecrated his mark. It doesn’t matter what it was about, disagreements must be exploited. The person is Donquixote Doflamingo, one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. He doesn’t need any snotty noses under him, looking at Bellamy. He moves his fingers and Bellamy’s and Sarquiss’ bodies disobey them. Sarquiss slaps Bellamy down. Lying on the ground, Bellamy begs for forgiveness, saying he didn’t betray him, Flamingo, he just had his own methods. Flamingo doesn’t need him anymore though, a new era of pirates begins where only the strong pirates can survive.

Grand Line: The Going Merry hits the sea at a rapid speed after its flight. The balloon octopus has shrunk to the size of a normal octopus due to the air pressure. With renewed vigor, they set course for the next island. Behind them, a huge wave with sea monkeys in it builds up. They are back to the daily grind of the Grand Line. Later, Luffy tries on the Waver on the water, but only Nami manages to control it. Meanwhile, Usopp tests out the Dials in his factory. The crew wants to use the gold to pay for repairs to the Going Merry. So Luffy decides to find a new comrade-in-arms, a shipwright.

Naval Headquarters: A Vice Admiral is informed that a certain person cannot be found. Immediately the Five Elders are informed. They are upset because the person is unaware of his position and responsibilities. They are looking for Admiral Aokiji. The latter rides a bicycle across the sea and holds Luffy’s wanted poster in his hand and calls his gang the last thing.

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