One Piece Chapter 302


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 27: The Navy Cooks Are Moda’s Parents
Moda is seen lying happily in the arms of her mother, the cook from the mess hall. Moda’s father stands by, grinning mischievously. The letter has brought the family back together.


Ruin of Shandoras: The Straw Hat Pirates has escaped and is no longer on Skypiea. Laki cuts Aisa’s hair. Laki tells her to grow her hair long, after all they don’t need to fight anymore. In the destroyed Shandia village, Wyper sits with Mantis, Genbo, and Braham in front of the statue of Kalgara. He tells him the war is over and hopes Kalgara’s friend heard the bell so his wish came true. He vows to never let ‘Shandora’s light’ go out again. The Shandia chief asks Gan Fall once again to take the title of god as the head of the country, to unite the land. The land is Skypiea, the city Shandora. Gan Fall, who has always wanted peace, is the only one who can make it happen. He is non-partisan and neutral. A god is something to cling to. Although he wanted to devote himself to pumpkin farming, he accepts the offer.

The White Sea, The Going Merry: The whole crew rejoices in their new wealth, through the gold from the Giant Boa’s stomach. Accompanying the Lamb are Pagaya, Conis, and Sue in their Waver. They reach Clouds End, the end of the white sea. From here they can return to the Blue Sea. There is melancholy on the ship because they must now leave Sky-Island. Pagaya and Conis say goodbye and tell them to strike sail and hold on. Suddenly the Southbird from Jaya comes flying from behind, not wanting to be left behind. The log port also points to the next island. Conis wishes them good luck in falling.

Clouds End turns out to be a small ramp with only 7,000 meters to drop from. Everyone’s eyes fall out, but Conis blows a small whistle, the Sky-Special Balloon Octopus. A Sky Octopus leaps out of the white sea and grabs hold of the The Going Merry. As if on a hot air balloon, the Lamb sails toward the blue sea. All at once, loud bells ring in the air. The sky dwellers want to thank the straw hats once more.
Even if it seemed like a dream, the bell rings again today and tomorrow at a height of 10,000 meters proudly above the island floating in the sky.


The Movement (music) is a musical instrument at the end of a great stage work.

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