One Piece Chapter 301


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 26: The Navy Supply Ship Fetching Milk
An orca and a dolphin are seen in the sea in the front apparently “talking” and in the background a navy ship with “food” written on its sail. The supply ship sets course for Moda’s island.


With the victory over Enel, the four hundred year war in Skypiea came to an end. The celebration went on for several days. Luffy sneaks up to Nami in the night and wakes her up quietly while everyone else is sleeping. They go to get the gold and then leave.

A Shandia tells the chief they have found the golden bell that was still hanging on Giant Jack. Everyone should come to the east coast to help. Robin has new hope of seeing the poneglyph after all, the stone that can only be found if you look for it. On the East Coast, the Shandia try to raise the bell tower, but only succeed with the help of the Sky Warriors.

Meanwhile, Usopp trades rubber bands and iron plates for Dials and gets a whole bag full. He plans to use the Dials to improve the climate clock stick and his bullets. Luffy, Nami, Sanji and Chopper are in the Giant Boa’s stomach, which is fast asleep because it has also been partying for a long time. In the stomach are vast amounts of gold that has been swallowed by the boa during all these years.

The belfry, complete with bell, has gone up and is back in the Upper Yard. A pillar has broken off. Some want to know from the chief what is written on the Poneglyph. They don’t need to know, the important thing is:
‘Keep the truth in your heart…’
Robin completes the sentence:
‘…We who pass on the story…. With the ringing of the great bell.’
Astonished, the chief asks if she can read the language. Robin goes to the poneglyph on which is written something of an Ancient Weapon with the name of the God Poseidon and the place where it is hidden. It is a different weapon than the one in Arabasta, but Robin is not looking for any weapons and walks away disappointed. Someone points next to the stone where there is another sentence written in ancient script.
‘I’ve landed here and I’m going to spread this story all over the place…. Pirate Gol D. Roger’
Gan Fall tells her about a pirate named Roger who visited Skypiea 20 years ago. Gan Fall thinks Luffy resembles Roger. When asked about the D., Robin says it probably has a crucial meaning in the story. Robin goes on about the Poneglyphs. There are two types of stones. Some contain information, others are signposts. The sum of all texts results in the Rio Poneglyph, only this one reveals the whole hidden story and the Pirate King has already spread the story. The stone at the bell tower has already fulfilled its task. With tears in his eyes, the chief realizes that they no longer have to fight and their ancestor’s wish has been fulfilled. Robin must relay the texts to the last island of the Grand Line, Laugh Tale. In thanks, the chief offers Robin and the Straw Hat Pirates the broken gold pillar.

In Shandora, everyone waits for Robin except for Nami and Conis, who prepare the Going Merry for departure. Robin appears followed by the sky dwellers with the wrapped gold pillar, mistaken for a cannon. Immediately, Luffy blasts off laughing and shouts to Robin to hurry. Everyone runs away back to the ship.

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