One Piece Chapter 300


Ace’s search for Blackbeard, part 25: Info on Blackbeard obtained!
Ace can be seen sitting on his boat, leaning loosely against the mast. In his hand he holds a piece of paper. During this adventure he was able to gather some information.


Upper Yard, Coast: The ships with the escaped Celestials and Shandia dock at the Upper Yard. Aisa stands in the middle of the Upper Yard in front of the forest, from which Laki emerges with her treasure, a backpack full of Vearth. Mantis and Braham have also regained consciousness.

Ruin of Shandoras: Zoro orders Chopper to take care of Wyper first or he will die. Sanji wants to know if this is pity. Chopper is sure he can get him through. The Straw Hats sit together without Nami and Luffy. While they have defeated Enel, they are just as poor as before. The Shandia leave Wyper to the Blue Eaters because they are Aisa’s friends, and instead take care of the priests who want to abandon them on clouds. Gan Fall also sends Pierre to the Blue Eaters to recover and wants to look for the Sacred Force. Luffy and Nami arrive with Conis and a large bag of food, the priests’ food supply. They used the gum-gum balloon to get from the cloud to the Upper Yard. When asked where her father was, Conis is about to answer when Pagaya is in their midst. He had fallen into the White Sea, and other refugees are also returning. With the destruction of Angel Island, they all head to the Upper Yard.

Gan Fall has found the Holy Troop in a cave. Many are still alive and rejoice as they meet their families again. Someone wants to know if the war is really over, now that both the Sky People and the Shandia have lost their homes. The Shandia chief is also asked this question.

Enel is on the Maxim Ark, flying through the night sky. Badly stricken, he wants to get to the Fairy Vearth glowing in the night sky, which turns out to be the moon. In Shandora, there is a meeting of the entire Straw Hat Pirates. Nami wants to go back to the ship, which Luffy and Usopp vehemently disagree with.

Meanwhile, a military hospital has been set up in the ruins of Shandora. Wyper awakens and immediately wants to know the location of the bell tower they must protect. His chief urges him to be quiet. Their home is the sky, but the Vearth themselves make no distinction between sky-dwellers and Shandia. And the last thing anyone wants now is a fight, and in doing so, he opens a curtain to reveal a huge party. Even Nora and the sky wolves join in the celebration. Braham and Zoro drink together and everyone is happily gathered around a massive fire.


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