One Piece Chapter 299


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 24: Moda’s Letter
Vice Admiral Comil reads Moda’s letter. In it is a photo of her, a milk can, and her cow. Enclosed is a note that says, “How about some fresh milk?” and a map of where to find it.


Skypiea: The golden bell falls from its island cloud, continuing to ring for the first time in 400 years. Luffy hopes Mont Blanc Cricket and the gang of monkeys can hear the bell and realize that the golden city is in the sky. Everyone is delighted by the sound of the bell. Wyper hopes the descendant of Mont Blanc Noland hears the bell vicariously through Noland. Boa Nora is also delighted by the sound, which she has not heard in 400 years.

Jaya: The monkey gang is at their base. They hear the bell ringing and are also enchanted by the sound. They are told the giants from the king’s clouds are the shadows of the people in the sky, visible in the thick fog. Everyone looks to the sky, in whose clouds the giant shadow of Luffy looms, holding his straw hat in jubilation. Cricket thanks Luffy, knowing now that his ancestor Noland was no liar. He bursts into tears, rejoicing that the straw hats he was very worried about are still alive.

Skypiea: The bell falls into the snow-white sea, followed by the unconscious Enel and the Maxim Ark. The sound of the bell is the light of Shandora, the pride of the ancient city, the voice of the island, announcing the end of the 400-year war. Once the bell spread messages:
‘Here we are!’

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