One Piece Chapter 298


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 23: Mail!
Ace forgot to drop off the letter and is now sitting on Vice Admiral Comil’s head, scratching his head in embarrassment. The letter from Moda was to him. The soldiers point their guns at him, but all the bullets go through Ace.


Skypiea: The thundercloud orb has dissipated and everyone on the ground is cheering. Wyper calls aloud for the Straw Hat to ring the bell, to ring the light of Shandora. Gan Fall also wants to hear the voice of the island. Luffy, hanging in the air, has spun his right arm with the gold ball like a spiral and wants to attack Enel to ring the bell with his body. Enel is pissed off because Luffy ruined his finale for him. He turns his entire body into a lightning bolt, Amaru, the 200 million volt thunder god. Once again, Enel claims to be above all men because he is the force of nature itself. Luffy gets in his face and asks him where there is a god that only destroys. With his spear, Enel stabs Luffy in the body from behind. Injured, he cannot continue his attack and falls down. As he does so, he holds onto the island cloud that Nami landed on with the Waver. The gold ball pulls him further down. Using the gum-gum rocket, Luffy catapults himself back up, twisting his right arm into a spiral again. At Enel’s level, he quicks his arm forward and strikes with the golden pistol. The attack has tremendous speed and Enel is unable to dodge it. The gold bullet hits him in the face and flings him with it. The individual fates surrounding Skypiea are briefly recapped once more. Enel and with him the gold sphere are smashed against the golden bell by Luffy. The gold ball shatters on impact and Enel is knocked unconscious. Luffy wants to ring the bell to tell Mont Blanc Cricket that the golden city has been in heaven for 400 years. A single loud chime rings out over the island.

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