One Piece Chapter 296


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 21 – The Savior Burns!
Ace is back in front of Vice Admiral Comil and another horrified Marine shortly after with the briefcase full of top secret information. He has rescued another officer over his shoulder and out of the flames. To the men’s horror, he is on fire, not caring.


Giant Jack: Zoro runs towards the vine to cut it down to the west so Luffy and Nami can get to Enel. Enel stands by the golden bell and laughs at the attempts to stop him. Now that he has the bell, all he has to do is destroy the land and he can leave for Fairy Vearth. Zoro was able to cut through a vine, but is immediately hit by Enel’s El Thor and falls down the vine to the ruins of Shandora. However, the Giant Jack is still standing and is held up by the second tendril.

Ruin of Shandoras: The giant boa Nora is awakened by the souls of Kalgara and Seto. They ask Nora to come with them to ring the bell today so that it can be heard to the end of the ocean. Nora loves the sound of the bell and rejoices at the idea that she can hear the sound again. She stops towards the Giant Jack and bumps her head against the tendril, which wobbles but still does not fall over. On the snowy white sea, the fled sky dwellers and Shandia can only watch as the escape route to the white sea is cut off.

Upper Yard: Wyper won’t accept Luffy ringing the bell. They, the descendants of Kalgara, will have to do it themselves. Usopp tells Robin that there’s nothing Wyper could do. They’ll have to cut down the vine themselves. Now if he shoots his dance of powder, simply several powder bullets fired in succession, at the vine, it will fall. Wyper wants to stop him. Robin begins to tell of a Blue Elder who claimed to have seen the golden city of Shandora 400 years ago. The descendant of this man is laughed at, but continues to search for the golden city. Luffy thinks if he rings the bell, the descendant can hear it and knows where the golden city is. Wyper wants to know the name. It’s Mont Blanc Cricket, the descendant of Mont Blanc Noland. Wyper’s tears come, it’s a miracle to him. As Usopp unsuccessfully fires his dance of powder at the vine, Wyper runs past him, pushes him aside, and jumps onto the intact vine. He fires a reject and is able to put a large hole in the tendril. Badly injured, he falls to the ground, hoping the Giant Jack will break.

Slowly, the tendril leans to the side. Nami and Luffy, who are on a higher level, notice the tilt and get ready. Using the Waver’s top speed, they chase up Giant Jack, who is leaning towards the Maxim Ark. Enel wants to prevent them from reaching him and has to destroy the Upper Yard to do so. He unleashes a thousand bolts of lightning on the land.

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