One Piece Chapter 294


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 19: The secret information must not be allowed to burn! Vice Admiral Comil can be seen holding his head in despair. Behind him, the spy ship is ablaze. No one seems to be able to save the important information now.


Giant Jack: Enel has arrived at the top of the vine with Maxim and is looking for the golden bell. Meanwhile, Luffy has arrived at the place of worship and is noticed by Enel, who finds it amazing that Luffy has made it this far with the gold ball on his hand. Luffy continues to run up the vine, but the top falls off due to a lightning bolt from Enel. The top falls next to the remaining Straw Hats, Gan Fall and Wyper. Luffy was able to grab onto the tendril just below the place of worship. Enel laughs at the attempt to get to him and wants to show him something. He disappears and Luffy climbs back up to the house of God. Once there, Nami shows up with the Waver and wants to take him down.

Over Angel Island, the clouds deform into a huge sphere. Nami detects large currents of air and electricity in the sphere. It is Enel’s work and he drops it on Angel Island. He calls it Raigoh. A huge explosion occurs on impact followed by loud thunder. Angel Island is gone along with the sea cloud and a large hole is where the city used to be. Enel rejoices at the new view. Conis still remains on the Going Merry to bring the Straw Hats safely back to the Blue Sea.

Nami tries to convince Luffy to go downstairs with her, but he refuses. He has some unfinished business. Nami continues to talk him down, but she gets hit up by Luffy saying that the Golden City exists and they have seen it. Mont Blanc Noland wasn’t lying about that, and he wants to tell Mont Blanc Cricket that by ringing the Golden Bell, because otherwise they’ll keep diving until they die. Luffy is sure that such a big bell can be heard down on Earth.

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