One Piece Chapter 293


Color Spread. Caption: You know the Pirate ain’t leavin no slack.
Robin and Luffy stand with basketballs in front of the other straw hats. Chopper sits drinking next to Sanji who is tying his shoes, assisted by Nami. Zoro sits on the outside while Usopp stands behind everyone adorned with feathers.


Review: The chief finishes telling the young Wyper the story of Mont Blanc Noland. Kalgara was determined to make the light of Shandora shine after arriving in heaven, believing that Noland could hear the sound of bells down on Earth. However, he never managed to ring them again until his death. From travelers in the Northblue, the Shandia have learned of Noland’s execution, and also that he never denied Shandora’s existence, despite being called a liar by everyone. Wyper wants to know if Noland can hear the bell when it is rung now. With tears in his eyes, the chief replies maybe, after all they live in heaven.

Present, Upper Yard: Wyper looks towards the forest with his fists clenched, lightning raining down, and asks Enel where he gets the right to take everything from them. At the base of Giant Jack, the Straw Hats prepare to flee. On Maxim, Enel rejoices in the destruction of Skypiea, for heaven belongs to God alone. He discovers the Shandia village and causes lightning to strike there as well. The Shandia have already fled into the ships and are sailing towards the White Sea.

Angel Island: Commander McKinley organizes the evacuation of the sky dwellers. The injured are to be treated on the ships first. The island continues to be destroyed by the lightning. Without the warning by Conis, the damage would have been worse.

The Going Merry: Conis remains on the ship, waiting for the others. She’s Afraid. Enel’s lightning has caused a hole in the snow-white sea, and people are falling down through it. Ships continue to arrive below through Heaven’s Gate. The place of worship is also destroyed and lightning bolts fall down on Shandora. Enel now wants to find the golden bell.

Robin thinks the golden bell is probably at the top of the Giant Jack that runs through the middle of Shandora. The bell is said to have been there, and was probably pushed away on impact. Enel hears two voices through his mantora. Luffy runs up the vine at great speed, followed by Nami with the Waver.


  • Bolero is a Latin American dance and music style characterized by many straight bars.
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