One Piece Chapter 292


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 18: Incendiary Attack on the Spy Ship! Continuing in his disguise, Ace sits on a window ledge in the hallway and spits out the bitter coffee as well. Marine soldiers are running frantically through the corridor. There has been an attack on the just arriving ship.


Flashback 400 years, Northblue, Lvneel: The adventurer Mont Blanc Noland told many fantastic stories that you never knew if they were true or not. Returning from a journey, he told the king of Lvneel of the golden city of Shandora, still magnificent after its fall. The king was enraptured by the idea of gold, and five years later an expedition ship with Noland in command sets out for Shandora. Instead of his own crew, however, the king and his soldiers will accompany him. Due to the soldiers’ inexperience with seafaring, many dicey situations arise on the voyage, but Noland’s skill ensures that they end well.

16.11.1127 anno Maris: The ship reaches Jaya, but when going ashore it turns out that the island ends abruptly where it should go on. Half a hut stands on the new shore. Noland doesn’t understand why the island stops here and is accused by the king of deceiving him. Noland hopes to hear the bell, the light of Shandora, and in his mind asks Kalgara what happened.

Lvneel, half a year later: Mont Blanc Noland is on a pedestal and is to be executed. He repeats having seen the golden city of Shandora on the island of Jaya six years ago. A witness who is said to have been there at the time exposes Noland as a liar. Noland’s crew appears in the square and tries to get to the front, recognizing no one from their crew in the witness. The king gives the order to hold them and the execution proceeds. The death penalty is pronounced for fraud and the whole crowd shouts to Noland, ‘Liar’. Noland, fighting tears, wonders what happened to Kalgara.

Jaya, one year before Noland’s second visit: Kalgara and Seto go to the golden bell to ring it. Boa Nora is already waiting in front of it. Seto wants to know when Noland will return, but Kalgara has no answer. He lives in the far north and needs time for the journey. But if they keep ringing the bell, he will return eventually. The island shakes and they both immediately run back to the village. A huge knock up stream catapults part of Jaya into the sky. There, she impales herself as she falls into the Giant Jack. The bell is rung by the concussion and the sky dwellers hear the sound and are delighted. They are also delighted by the large piece of Vearth, which has been flung up. A person calling himself a god wants to occupy the land and drive out the inhabitants. The Shandia are partially injured when the god wants to seize the land with his sky warriors and attacks them. Kalgara grabs his spear and calls the warriors together. Women and children are told to run for safety. Kalgara realizes he can barely breathe. The battle begins. In his mind he speaks to Noland to wait by a visit and hear the message, ‘Here we are’. The vegetables he gave him are thriving and Seto has married Mouse. Kalgara has many things to tell Noland. He exclaims loudly to let the light of Shandora shine.

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