One Piece Chapter 288


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 14: Intruder: Frigate Captain Ace. Busted by the incident in the mess hall, Ace now disguises himself as a frigate captain because he’s being chased by the base’s soldiers, and immediately gobbles up the real captain’s food as well.


Flashback 400 years: Jaya, sacrificial altar: The Shandia continue to demand blood for the gods after Noland has killed the snake god. The shaman’s will must be fulfilled, they say. More sacrifices are demanded to appease the gods. Kalgara is at the sacrificial altar and wants to kill Noland. With his spear, he delivers a thrust that Noland is able to parry with his sword. Enraged, Noland says that so he has eliminated everything, even small advances. Kalgara throws a dagger at Mouse’s feet and asks her to offer herself as a sacrifice, asking her how she can hang on to life as a sacrifice. With tears in her eyes, she tries to ram the dagger down her throat. Noland lets his guard down and knocks the dagger out of Mouse’s hand. Kalgara takes advantage of the situation and thrusts his spear into Noland’s right chest. Noland’s men, meanwhile, have been captured by the Shandia in the spectator gallery on the shore.

Having killed the serpent god, Noland’s life alone is not enough. Kalgara also claims the lives of 100 of his men. Noland is furious, he thinks blood sacrifice is inhumane. It neglects the great deeds of ancestors, the discoveries of explorers and explorers who took many dangers for the benefit of mankind. He asks if this is not how they insult their own gods. He asks for time to remove the ‘curse’ that haunts the village. Kalgara, however, wants to kill him immediately and accuses him of only wanting to escape. Noland objects and demands that no more human sacrifices ever take place if he defeats the curse. The chief of the village lets him, but the Shandia will keep Noland’s men. They will wait until the next evening.

Shandia Village: Noland’s crew has been locked in a large cage, with Mouse sitting next to them in a smaller one. She asks who Noland is. The crew describes him as a famous plant explorer and adventurer in search of unknown plants. Most of the men trust the Admiral and his promise to find a cure for the curse.

In a hut a meeting of the Shandia takes place under the leadership of the chief. They want to know why he did not have Noland killed immediately, as he would only bring more suffering to the people. Kalgara says he will kill Noland as soon as he senses danger over the village and he will not wait until the next evening. Calmly the chief replies that he does not hear the voices of the islands, but he senses when a man speaks earnestly and boldly. Kalgara leaves the hut, outside the entrance of which Seto is sitting on a barrel. He is cured and wants to know from Kalgara what progress means. Noland, meanwhile, has found the Kona tree in the forest.

Dawn: A severe earthquake shakes Jaya. The inhabitants interpret this as punishment from the gods. They curse the intruders. A crack in the earth runs through the village. Kalgara runs into the forest in search of Noland, whom he finds trapped in a crack in the earth. He taunts Noland that the gods have now punished him. Noland won’t hear of it, he wants to go to the village. Kalgara does not kill him yet, but wants to see how far he gets.

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