One Piece Chapter 286


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 13: Whitebeard has been molested! Ace beat up a marine, who goes down bleeding in front of him. He said something insulting about Whitebeard.


White Sea, Heaven’s Gate: Amazon takes photos of the people fleeing Skypiea and demands an exit tax of two billion extol per head. She is asked to flee as well, because the country will soon no longer exist.

Angel Island: More and more lightning strikes and destroys buildings and ships. Only on the west coast are there still intact ships. Commander McKinley organizes the escape.

Upper Yard, Giant Jack: Luffy continues to run up the vine, dragging the gold ball behind him on his right hand. At the Shandia village, everyone prepares to flee and waits in the ships for their chief. He stands before Kalgara’s statue and asks for his protection.

The lightning rains down on the Upper Yard as well. Nami tells the others to flee to the ship. She would follow with Luffy, and with the Waver, she goes up Giant Jack. Wyper is up, staring at the Upper Yard and the lightning bolts. He remembers a conversation with his chief.

Review: A young Wyper stands before the chief. The latter tells him about the great warrior Kalgara, who had one more reason why he wanted to reclaim his homeland. He had a friend who visited him 400 years ago. His name was Mont Blanc Noland. The chief tells Wyper this story.

Jaya, 400 years earlier: A ship is anchored near the island. People flee to it from a monster they call Shandora’s Devil. The captain orders the ship to sail, even though not everyone is on board yet. A man with a huge iron ball appears on the shore. Wielding a chain, he hurls it at the departing ship, destroying one side. Armed with a spear, he leaps onto the ship and kills the crew. As he leaves, he burns the ship. The person is Shandora’s great warrior Kalgara.

Somewhere on the Grand Line: A sea-battered ship is sailing across the water. After weathering several storms, giant whirlpools, and snow, the crew informs their admiral that their provisions have also run out, and in addition, the cook has fallen over. The admiral jumps into the water, and some men think he has killed himself. More experienced men, however, think he has traveled the Grand Line twice before and has stronger nerves. He has undressed beforehand and folded his clothes neatly. The admiral reappears and gives his men a rope with the order to pull it up. At the end of the rope hangs a sea king. Mont Blanc Noland is the admiral of the expedition ship of the Kingdom of Lvneel in the Northblue. He carries a sword and has a cross-shaped scar on his left chest.

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