One Piece Chapter 285


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 12: Mountains of Food in the Canteen
Once at the base, Ace has snuck into the mess hall, where he helps himself vigorously to the food display. He has one full tray on his head and the other he is still filling under the disgusted gaze of a soldier and the enthusiastic one of the cook.


Ark Maxim: Usopp took Sanji and jumped down with him. They both fall down to the Upper Yard. They hit a cloud and are found by Nami. They decide to look for Zoro and Robin first, then escape from Skypiea, which is no longer a safe place. On the Ark, Enel is in the engine room, where some things are broken due to Sanji’s sabotage. Down at the ship, there are still 200 jet dials from Birka that will keep the ship in the air for some time. Enel straightens a shifted gear.

Upper Yard: Luffy rolls through the ruins of Shandora with the gold ball on his hand and breaks a lot of things. Aisa, dragging Pierre behind her by the beak, yells at him to be more careful with their home. At the ruins, they don’t find Robin and the others and decide to go up. Aisa asks Luffy with tears in her eyes if Sky Island will cease to exist. Robin is on the island cloud at the base of Giant Jack and has gotten the others all up there. Aisa and Pierre are flying towards her. Using her devil power, she stops them. Luffy runs up Giant Jack and asks Robin to take care of them. He asks her if the golden bell is at the top of the vine. Robin answers him if it is then to look for it at the top. Luffy continues running upwards. At the bottom, Nami shows up in the Waver with Usopp and Sanji. She hears about Luffy and wants to go after him in the Waver to get him back. The others are told to go back to the The Going Merry.

Angel Island: Commander McKinley orders river clouds to form over the island to get the ships out of the harbor, half of which are still fit to sail. The Shandia have also fled onto the ships and are heading out. Enel looks at the lightning clouds that Deathpia has formed and finds them to be good. He begins with Mamaragan, a festival of 10,000 thunderstorms. Countless lightning bolts descend upon Skypiea.


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