One Piece Chapter 284


Color Spread. Caption: Live a life of ease
The straw hat gang is lying on a colorful blanket and everyone is busy with something typical for them.


Ark Maxim: Usopp is still standing in the doorway and when he sees Sanji isn’t there yet, he goes back and slams the door behind him. Inside the room, he gathers courage to face Enel and comes back out. He challenges him, but immediately has to dodge a lightning bolt. He rolls over to Nami and wants her to help him. They both have to dodge a lightning bolt. Usopp notes that Enel cares about a power line and they are relatively safe there. However, Enel attacks there too and Usopp has to dodge again. He tells Nami to get the Waver they’re trying to escape with while he distracts Enel. He starts telling Enel Usopp’s disgusting stories. But the stories don’t work on Enel, who hits Usopp hard with his staff. He continues to beat on him as Nami reaches the Waver and drives towards Usopp. He is told to raise his hand, which she wants to grab so she can jump with him towards Giant Jack.

At the last moment, Enel presses his hand to the ground with his staff and Nami continues without Usopp. Enel wants to punish him with El Thor. Suddenly Sanji shows up and kicks Usopp to Nami and tells them to leave. He gets hit by El Thor. Nami wants to go back, but is stopped by Usopp, who steers the Waver off the ship. You can’t question a man’s decision. They fall off the ship. Sanji, who is left behind, stands charred on the deck and was actually going to ask Enel for a light and thinks that’s what he’s got now. Then he falls over and remains motionless. The ship suddenly jolts and the Deathpia is also stopped. Enel realizes that Sanji must have done something to the gears and goes below to fix the problem. Usopp was able to attach himself to the ship by his belt with the rope and climbs back onto the deck.

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