One Piece Chapter 283


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 11: Slipped Inside the Marine Base
Ace has knocked down a marine and puts on his uniform. That’s how he wants to get inside the naval base.


Flashback, The Going Merry: Sanji regains consciousness and notices the absence of Nami. He immediately wakes Usopp up rudely. They see the Maxim Ark emerge from the forest and Sanji sees Nami on the ship. Using the Tarzan rope from Usopp’s belt, Sanji plans to go up. Usopp is not at all comfortable with the idea of coming along, but he is forced to come along. They hit the ship with the Tarzan rope and climb up. All of Usopp’s attempts not to come along can’t change Sanji’s mind.

Maxim Ark, Main Deck: Nami has decided not to go to Fairy Vearth with Enel and is thinking of ways to escape from the ship. Enel wants to kill her for her decision and asks if she’s hoping for the two people who snuck onto the Ark. Usopp and Sanji have reached a tween deck and split up to avoid being taken out at the same time. Sanji swears Usopp in to die for Nami, which the latter doesn’t like. Enel laughs at the rescue attempt and meanwhile attacks Nami with lightning bolts, which she manages to dodge. She pulls out her climate clock and feverishly tries to find an escape route from the ship. Usopp runs up through the engine room, surprised that no one seems to be on the ship.

Ruin of Shandoras: Robin, with the help of her devil power, transports Zoro and Wyper last up to the island cloud near Giant Jack. On Angel Island, ships with fleeing inhabitants set sail for the White Sea. In the Shandia village, the chief gives the order to board the ships and flee as well. They can’t wait for the warriors, who can take care of themselves. Conis waits with Sue on the Going Merry for the Straw Hats.

Upper Yard: Aisa, who was hit by El Thor, was protected by Pierre and is unharmed. Luffy is also fine, but still has the gold ball on his right hand. He wants to go after Robin first and then Enel. Meanwhile, on the Ark, Nami uses the Thunder Ball to ward off Enel’s lightning bolts by deflecting them. However, she can’t do that with stronger lightning anymore, which Enel notices and therefore wants to chase a stronger discharge at Nami. Before he can carry it out, he is hit by a powder bullet, which he deflects with his hand. Usopp stands in a doorway and covers his face out of fear.

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