One Piece Chapter 281


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 9: As Thanks, Ace Carries Her Letter
Ace says goodbye to Moda and drives away in his boat. In his hand, raised in salute, he holds her letter. She waves cheerfully after him.


Upper Yard, Maxim’s Ark: The ship rises from the cave and emerges from among the trees of the Upper Yard. The rotors cut through the still obstructing earth on the sides. Enel has launched the ship’s special function, Deathpia, which he intends to use to wipe out Skypiea. Smoke comes out of a chimney. Aisa flies after the ship on Pierre. She has learned never to interrupt a fight between warriors, so she stays out of it.

Shandia Village: The Shandia notice the smoke and wonder if their fighters are okay. Enel explains Deathpia. He uses his energy to create thunderclouds with extreme air currents. This allows him to hurl lightning and destroy everything. He demonstrates the power of the attack by hurling lightning at Angel Island. Commander McKinley calms the people down and tries not to let the escape end in chaos. Luffy asks Enel if he thinks a god can take anything, to which Enel succinctly replies in the affirmative. The fight between the two breaks out anew. Both try to hit their opponent, but the blows are blocked. Luffy burns his foot as he deflects Enel’s spear. Enel heats the spear with electricity. This also burns Luffy’s hands as Enel continues to stab at him. To prevent Enel from knowing Luffy’s actions in advance through his Mantora, he uses Gomu Gomu no-Hä? and is guided only by his instincts and reflexes. This allows him to dodge Enel’s attacks, but he can’t attack. He has a new idea and uses Gomu Gomu no Tako, but it has no effect and only makes Nami angry. However, when he hits the gold wall and uses the Gomu Gomu no Tako fireworks, he is able to hit Enel because he can’t anticipate the attack like that. Dazed, Enel gets up and Luffy uses the time to ram the Gomu Gomu no Bazooka into Enel’s stomach. Due to the force of the attack, Enel is unable to dodge the attacks and is hit hard by the following Gomu Gomu no Rifle.

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