One Piece Chapter 279


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 7: Ace Wakes Up
The girl who rescued him is seen in the foreground watching her cows eat. Ace comes out of the back of the cabin. He seems surprised.


Angel Island: The inhabitants have been persuaded by Conis and flee onto the ships to get to Clouds End. Some want to know from Conis what happened to the Holy Troop. Conis knows they are probably all dead, but says she doesn’t know. Commander McKinley stands in front of her and promises the White Berets will make sure the Sacred Troop escapes as well. To Conis, he says he knows Enel and can imagine what happened to the troops, but evacuating the population is more important now, lest it end up like Birka. Birka is the southeastern sky island where Enel is from. Six years ago, Enel destroyed it before coming to Skypiea. The White Berets used to serve Gan Fall. McKinley thought if they served Enel they could better protect the population, but he realizes they were cowardly and pathetic. Conis is glad to hear this, as she can now let McKinley handle the evacuation so she can show the Straw Hats the way out of Skypiea.

Upper Yard, Maxim’s Ark: Enel notices the people fleeing Angel Island and wonders if they can escape far enough to avoid destruction. Luffy tells him he is not worthy of being a god. He runs and jumps up the ship and gets to Enel. Enel hurls El Thor at Luffy. Loud thunder ensues, but Luffy is unharmed and only the wall behind him has taken damage. Enel thinks he has dodged and uses Jamboul, a 60 million volt electric dragon. With no effect, the attack fizzles out and Enel leaps at Luffy, holding his hand on his chest and unloading 100 million volts on Luffy. Again the attack has no effect and Luffy knocks him away. Enel is shocked that there is a human for whom his lightning fruit has no effect. Because of his rubber body, Luffy is Enel’s only natural enemy. Luffy leaps at him and kicks him in the stomach.

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