One Piece Chapter 278


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 6: Saved!
Ace lies spitting water on a jetty. A young girl kneels in front of him and revives him. She fished him out of the water.


Upper Yard, Maxim’s Ark: Enel senses Conis spreading unrest with his Mantora. With his lightning power, he can listen in on electrical waves and monitor every single person in Skypiea. He gets everything that happens in the land. He calls it a divine gift. Nami wants to escape, but if Enel destroys everything, it won’t do much good. Enel notices people approaching and wonders who they are.

Angel Island, Harbor: Conis dodges the White Berets’ gunfire and approaches the island. She jumps the Waver onto land, running over Commander McKinley, who is thrown away. She gets off the Waver and is immediately berated by the inhabitants. She holds out her fire bazooka to one Beret, who tries to attack her with a knife. He pauses and Conis tells everyone to flee to Clouds End because Enel wants to destroy everything. No one wants to hear bad things about God and a little boy throws a rock at her. He hits her in the head, which Conis takes. She throws away her bazooka and screams loudly about not accepting Enel as a god. The rushing berets pause, all in shock, expecting God’s punishment. However, nothing happens. Conis tells them it’s not worth it for Enel to kill a person anymore. She has learned from an escapee from the Sacred Force that Enel wants to throw Skypiea back into the Blue Sea. She urges the sky dwellers to flee to Clouds End. They refuse to believe her and hope Enel might change his mind. Conis angrily yells at them, everyone knows Enel can take away all hope. It’s no use hoping for a miracle. As long as God is absent, they must flee and take responsibility themselves.

Shandora’s Ruin: Luffy is led to Enel by Aisa riding Pierre, who can sense him with her Mantora. Robin sits in the ruin, exhausted, and wants to take the rest of the injured upstairs. On the Ark, Enel is furious because the people who come make his prediction wrong that after three hours of fighting, only five will be able to stand upright. Luffy enters the cave and wants to know from Enel what he did to his friends. He is pissed off.

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