One Piece Chapter 276


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 4: Mistake!
Ace attacks a man who not only looks like Blackbeard in stature, but also has Dr. Black Beard written on his smock. However, it’s a doctor. In the background you can see the landlord again.


Ruin of Shandoras: Enel stands before the badly injured Wyper and tells him to let it go. Wyper can’t stay on his feet and collapses to his knees. Enel is told not to mention his name. 800 years ago, the Shandia fought for the city’s existence, and for 400 years, when Kalgara was driven from their homeland, they have fought to return to Shandora. Now that they are in Shandora, Enel stands in their way. Wyper has risen again. With his staff, Enel destroys Wyper’s waver shoes, to which the sea stone is attached. He strikes one of his drums and sends Hino, a 30 million volt bolt of lightning in the shape of a bird, through Wyper, knocking him to the ground. Zoro picks up the shoe with the sea stone attached and runs towards Enel. However, he is stopped by Enel’s attack Kiten and remains motionless. Wyper gets back up and Enel wants to know why he is doing this. He could die comfortably, after all. Wyper does it for his ancestors.

Review: A young Wyper is summoned by the chief. He tells him that Kalgara had one more reason why he wanted to return to Shandora. This was very important to him. The flashback ends with: He had a…

Enel hurls El Thor at Wyper. The force of the attack leaves a hole where Wyper lies motionless. Only Nami is now conscious and after briefly surveying the situation, she wants to go with Enel to Fairy Vearth. Enel senses her fear.

Coast Angel Islands: Conis is driving in the Waver towards Angel Island. At Lovely Street, the White Berets warn the populace about the criminals Gan Fall, Pagaya and Conis. At the harbor, Commander McKinley takes this over and if anyone sees the criminals, they are to report them to him.

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