One Piece Chapter 275


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 3: Survey
Ace asks two fishermen at the harbor about Blackbeard. In doing so, he describes him vividly. The host can be seen in the background again!


Ruin of Shandoras: Zoro catches the hit Robin, for him it is not understandable that Enel attacked a woman. He charges at him and tries to hit Enel with sword blows. However, with his staff, Enel is able to parry most of them. As he jumps up to dodge, Wyper shoots at him with his Burn Bazooka. Enel, in defense, turns his body into a powerful lightning bolt, Kali. It thunders very loudly as the lightning is made of very hot air that spreads quickly, countering Wyper’s attack. Enel asks them why they have to get so uncomfortable right before they leave together. Zoro doesn’t care, he runs at Enel and cuts through him. However, because Enel is a Logia user, the attack has no effect. Enel touches both swords and gives Zoro a huge electric shock that sends him to the ground. His head is pushed down by Enel because all animals instinctively bow to God.

Wyper throws away his bazooka, jumps towards Enel and clutches his belly with his legs. Wyper holds his hand on Enel’s chest, who boredly says it’s no use. Wyper has attached a sea stone to his shoe-wavers, Enel has no more power and can’t move because the stone cancels out the devil’s power. Wyper uses the Reject.

Review: Shandia’s chief tells young Wyper, Mantis, Braham, Genbo, and Laki about the Poneglyph and how the town of Shandora tried to protect it 800 years ago. 400 years ago, the island flew into the sky, but let the Upper Yard remain their home and let the ‘Light of Shandora’ not go out.

Present day, Shandora’s Ruin: Enel lies defeated before Wyper. Suddenly a bolt of lightning passes through Enel, he has reanimated himself and with a grin he says, it is not God that men fear, fear itself is the God.

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