One Piece Chapter 274


Color Spread. Caption: Riding high already
Usopp steers a carriage with two horses over a stone bridge. Zoro and Sanji sit in the back and Chopper holds onto the roof. Next to them, Luffy rides a bicycle. They are having a race.


Flashback six years ago: Gan Fall is still God, sitting in the house of God. He asks if they themselves are not the bad guys. His men admonish him not to say so in front of the soldiers. The Shandia just want their land back, but one attendant objects that blessed life began when their ancestors occupied the Upper Yard 400 years ago. The prosperity of the land is built on this, so it is their duty to continue the fight. Another raid takes place, but it is not Shandia, but someone who calls himself God Enel.

Present day, Angel Island: Three children are talking about Conis and Pagaya and how they became criminals for helping blue-earthers. One of the boys says his father served in the Holy Troop Gan Falls and his mother said he’d be back soon. The others think it’s cool that he fought for the old god. Conis, meanwhile, is on his way to Angel Island to warn the populace that Enel plans to hurl Skypiea back into the Blue Sea.

Ruin of Shandora: Still Gan Fall, Zoro, Wyper, and Robin point to Enel as the one who must disappear to fulfill his own prediction. Enel is amused and asks if they even know what a god is. Gan Fall wants to know what happened to the Holy Troop. In Enel’s homeland, everyone believes in a realm of God, they call it Fairy Vearth, a place where there are oodles of earth. The Upper Yard is nothing against this land. Enel calls Skypiea an unnatural land. Earth belongs on earth, people to people. As a god, Enel wants to restore order and chase all humans out of the sky. He wants to wipe out Skypiea. Gan Fall angrily replies to him that God is only the title for the head of Skypiea, no God exists in the world of humans. Enel tells him what has become of the 650 men of the Sacred Force he took over six years ago. They have completed their work this day. When he opened his plan to them, they attacked him so he had no choice but to kill them. Immediately Gan Fall charges at him, Enel is able to dodge and directs a 20 million volt lightning bolt at Gan Fall with Vallie.

Flashback, six years ago: The four priests Ohm, Shura, Gedatsu, and Satori stand over the defeated Gan Fall and ask Enel what they should do with the ex-god. Enel tells them to throw him into the sea, since he can’t use him, unlike his troops. They throw him down from the god’s house.

Present: Gan Fall is struck by lightning and falls to the ground unconscious. There is one god and that is himself, Enel. Now only five fighters stand upright and Enel invites them to accompany him to Fairy Vearth. There he intends to create the God Land, where only the chosen may live. Robin asks him what will happen if they refuse. When Enel replies that they would then go to hell, Robin thinks he would lose the golden bell as a result. The latter, however, knows roughly where to look after what Robin told him about the bell. Enel hates predictable women and sends a lightning bolt through her body.


  • The Oratorio refers to a dramatic, multi-part setting of a sacred action.
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