One Piece Chapter 273


Ace’s Search for Blackbeard, Part 2: Sorry, gotta go!
Ace stands on the edge of the bridge with a fish bone in his mouth and looks around. Behind him on a rooftop stands the bruised landlord, ranting!


Giant Jack: Zoro with the unconscious Chopper, Wyper and the Giant Boa drop down to the ruins of Shandora. In the boa, Luffy and Aisa are supposed to hold onto the Waver, which Nami wants to take out. Gan Fall flies at Pierre. Too late, Aisa realizes that Luffy is holding onto the exhaust pipe. As Nami drives off, they are both thrown back and remain in the boa. Gan Fall wants to fly back to save them both, but falls off Pierre and flies out of the boa’s mouth with Nami. He tells Pierre to fly back to get the two. The falling debris falls on the ruins of Shandora. Zoro narrowly escapes the falling debris and is with Robin. The boa bores through the cloud to the ruin. Pierre has arrived at Luffy and Aisa’s house.

Ruin of Shandora: Nami and Gan Fall have emerged unharmed and Wyper is also in the ruin. For the first time, he sees his home. The boa seems to be looking for something and is restless. She annoys Enel, who inflicts upon her the punishment of the heavens, El Thor. Charred and defeated, the boa falls to the ground. Wyper thinks Aisa is dead too and shoots his fire bazooka at Enel. He dodges it, produces a ball cloud, greets everyone, and reminds them to be patient since the game isn’t over yet. Enel estimated that after three hours, out of 81 fighters, only five can stand upright. That means there may not be six left in a moment, as he noticed Nami hiding behind a wall. God is not allowed to make false predictions and so he asks those present if anyone will voluntarily sacrifice themselves. No one responds. Zoro, Robin, Wyper and Gan Fall point to Enel and say they’ll take him.


  • Quintet refers to a five-piece musical group.
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