One Piece Chapter 271


Vivi is sitting in an armchair in a desert village. Next to her, Karoo and Matsuge are practicing saluting. On a clothesline hang some of Vivi’s old clothes.


Giant Boa’s Stomach: Luffy learns that he too has been swallowed by a snake. He suggests simply escaping through the butt, which Nami firmly refuses. She wants to escape quickly, though, before the boa starts rampaging around again. Nami, Aisa, and Gan Fall suddenly get a horrible suspicion that Luffy was responsible for the boa’s outbursts. They ask him if he was raging in his stomach. Since he was hungry and wanted out of the cave, he tried drilling holes in the wall. Stinking angry, Nami punches Luffy, causing the boa to writhe in pain again as well, and those trapped in the stomach are whirled around.

Giant Jack, Cloud Island: Wyper hopes Aisa is okay and wants to shoot a hole in the Boa’s stomach. He throws a Milky Dial in the air and jumps over the Boa. He shoots with his fire bazooka, but only hits the boa’s lower jaw and tongue, which now wants to devour Wyper. Zoro hides from Ohm, whose sword annoys him greatly. Iron Whip allows Ohm to attack from far away, and he doesn’t even need to see Zoro through his Mantora. Another attack breaks through the wall behind Zoro and quickly he dodges it, trying to think of a strategy. A Divine Soldiers gets in his way, but is quickly taken out with a swipe of the scabbard. Ohm notices a shandia behind him. With iron whip he is taken out of the way. Four humans and two animals are still able to fight.

Zoro vs Aum: Using Falcon Wave, Zoro aims to hit Ohm, who uses Iron Back to defend, a massive wall of iron clouds. In quick succession, Ohm hurls attacks at Zoro. He is able to hit him in the shoulder with Iron Fan. Zoro is able to dodge the Iron Fork and Wave attacks, though only just, as Ohm seems to anticipate his moves. Unable to get to Ohm, he tries to hit him with Slash 36 Sense Phoenix. However, Ohm’s Iron Whip is stronger and Zoro has to back away again. Another warrior falls. Only three humans and two animals left. Ohm and Zoro face each other, separated by a stone wall. Ohm aims for Zoro’s heart and advises him to pray. Never would Zoro pray to a god and the iron whip will tell him Ohm’s position. Zoro draws all three swords, 36 sins in one lifetime, 72 sins in two lifetimes, in three lifetimes it’s 108 sins. Ohm’s Iron Whip speeds towards Zoro, who now uses the slash 108 Sense Phoenix, three flying sword slashes that break through the iron cloud and severely injure Ohm.

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