One Piece Chapter 270


Luffy stands knee-high in water and an elephant gives him a shower with his trunk. A leopard stands next to him, wearing the straw hat and with towels on his back.


Giant Jack, Cloud Island: Zoro and Wyper are still lying motionless on the ground. Priest Ohm lists all the fighters still involved, including Zoro and Wyper since they are still alive. Four Divine Soldierss, four Shandia, a Blue Eater, the Giant Boa, and Holy. Along with himself, there are still ten fighters and two animals in the fight. A Shandia wants to hit Ohm with an arrow, a Divine Soldiers is able to stop him. Ohm gives his dog Holy the order to begin. Immediately, the dog knocks a Shandia to the ground with his fist. This activates iron clouds and severely injures the Shandia. Ohm instructs Holy to perform a dashi. The dog runs a large circle, activating countless iron clouds. The climax of the Test of Iron begins, the White Rose Deathmatch, a large dome of barbed wire clouds. The Divine Soldierss rejoice. Zoro and Wyper get back up and Wyper immediately kicks a Divine Soldiers against the barbed wire. Eight fighters and two animals left.

Laki comes up the Giant Jack and calls out to Wyper. She tries to warn him, but Wyper yells at her not to come any closer. Enel is suddenly behind her. Wyper grabs hold of the barbed wire and with bleeding hands he yells at Enel to leave her alone, Laki doesn’t want to fight. Desperate, he shouts to Laki to run. However, she shoots Enel with her rifle, but the bullets pass through Enel ineffectively because of his logia power. A Divine Soldiers takes advantage of Wyper’s open cover and attacks him from behind with an Axe-Dial. Wyper shows no movement and just looks to Laki. Enel touches her and unloads a massive lightning bolt inside her. Laki goes down motionless. The Divine Soldiers tries to attack Wyper again, but is grabbed by the back of his head and flung face-first into the barbed wire clouds. Enel doesn’t differentiate between warriors and warrior women. Wyper better be careful not to die himself. With a laugh, Enel disappears again.

Zoro and Wyper simultaneously attack the boa that swallowed Nami, Aisa and Gan Fall. Both attack the other and do not want to be disturbed. Ohm calls Holy, who drives the two apart. Zoro has jumped away and has to fend off an attack from Ohm’s sword in midair. Ohm warrior wants to hit Wyper, who has also jumped up, with the Axe-Dial. However, with his shoes, Wyper grabs his face and flings him to the ground. Six more fighters and two animals.

Giant Boa’s Stomach: The swallowed Gan Fall, Aisa, Nami and Pierre are doing fine. They want to get out of the stomach as quickly as possible before they are digested. Gan Fall wants to try to break through the wall, but is yelled at by Nami that no one can be that stupid because the boa will totally freak out if they do. Luffy appears from behind, wanting to know what they’re doing in the Cave of Wonders.


  • The Serenade is now a piece of music of an entertaining character.
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