One Piece Chapter 269


Color Spread. The Straw Hat Pirates sits in a park with cherry trees in bloom. The cherry blossoms are blowing through the park. Robin sits off to the side reading a book. Chopper is sleeping, Nami is traditionally making tea, and Luffy is writing with a paintbrush. Zoro is being teased by Sanji and Usopp.


Upper Yard, Northeast Coast: Pagaya and Conis have driven the The Going Merry to the appointed meeting place and are now waiting for the rest of the Straw Hats. Sanji and Usopp are being tended to by Conis. Both are still unconscious. To give themselves encouragement, they make the Waver’s horn honk loudly.

Upper Yard, Forest: The fighting continues unabated. The Shandia warriors all keep heading for Giant Jack, including Laki, who wants to stop Wyper from fighting Enel. The Divine Soldierss are trying to stop the Shandia. Enel watches the action from a high branch.

Giant Jack: On the second cloud level, Wyper shoots his fire bazooka at Gan Fall, who tries to convince Wyper that they are not enemies. Wyper won’t budge and calls Gan Fall his enemy as well. The giant boa tries to devour Gan Fall along with Pierre, but is noticed early by Pierre, who quickly flies away. Wyper shoots at the boa, but it shows no effect. Meanwhile, Luffy continues to be whirled around in the cave. Zoro, who is fighting Ohm, kneels on the ground, hit. Ohm uses a hilt that has a cloud dial attached to it, which produces iron clouds and can follow the opponent anywhere. Zoro is able to stop another attack with his sword. Ohm gives his dog Holy the order to fight separately as more fighters join in.

Five sky warriors and three Shandia have gone up the Giant Jack and are joining the fight. Luffy tries to drill his way out of the cave with a rock. At the same time, the boa laughs. Nami also comes up the tendril with Aisa. Three Divine Soldierss try to take them out, but are prevented from doing so by Zoro, Wyper, and Gan Fall, who take them out. Wyper shouts to Aisa to get away from Nami and shoots the Waver with his bazooka. Gan Fall, however, is able to save her. They all fly at Pierre and Gan Fall wants to know why they came. Because of the giant boa, Nami answers him and too late they notice the wide open mouth of the boa devouring them. Zoro and Wyper are distracted by this and so Holy is able to knock Wyper down and Zoro is hit by a sword blow from Ohm. Both go down hit and are taunted by Ohm.


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