One Piece Chapter 268


Robin is standing in front of a castle. It is night and bats fly by. Robin’s shirt says ‘dark’, she is petting a wolf and next to her a seal is juggling a ball on its head.


Giant Jack, Cloud: The battle begins. Gan Fall mounts Pierre and goes to attack Ohm. Wyper shoots at Zoro with his bazooka. He is able to dodge and in turn goes to hit Wyper with a sword slash, but he is able to deflect it with his Waver shoes. The giant boa wants to eat Zoro and interrupts the fight, but Zoro is able to escape. Holy stands behind him and hits Zoro with his hand clenched into a fist. On top of him sits Ohm, but is attacked from the air by Gan Fall. However, Ohm is able to repel the attack with his sword.

Upper Yard, Ruin: Robin cuts a hole down through the clouds in the ruin with a knife. After a few meters she reaches the end and finds another level. She Jumps Down. Her suspicions that an earthly ruin cannot stand on clouds seem to be confirmed. The parts protruding above are only the top floor.

Zoro discovers Chopper, who has been defeated by Ohm. He runs towards him, but is stopped by a cloud of barbed wire. It is the test of iron. Iron clouds are scattered around the precinct, if you step on them they go off. Zoro holds Chopper in his arms and is asked by Ohm if he wants revenge. Revenge is never his motive, but now he feels a certain desire to fight.

Nami heads towards the Giant Jack with Aisa, pursued by Divine Soldierss and Shandia. Robin, meanwhile, walks through the ruins and reaches the end of a corridor that leads outside. She stands high atop a building and beholds the full glory of Shandora, the Golden City.


  • Suite refers to a musical instrumental or orchestral cycle without an intermission.
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