One Piece Chapter 267


Chopper is sitting at a coffee bar by the sea. He sits on books so he can see over the counter. The coffee is too bitter for him. Next to him sits a suit-wearing lion reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.


Upper Yard, The Going Merry: Aisa has jumped into the water and is about to enter the Upper Yard, but is stopped by Nami. Right next to the ship, the giant boa is lying with its head in the water and pops up. Luffy, still trapped in the cave, has been flooded with water after the earthquake. He kicks the walls and wants to get out. At the ship, the boa suddenly rages and Nami flees to the Upper Yard with Aisa on the Waver. Pagaya and Conis stay behind on the ship.

A Shandia is fighting with a Divine Soldiers when Nami comes racing by with Aisa out of the undergrowth, pursued by the Boa. The Shandia recognizes Aisa. Zoro continues to hang onto the flying Southbird with his backpack. He is considering just killing the bird when the boa’s head pops up out of the woods and panics the bird. He thinks the boa wants the food from the backpack, which he equates with Zoro. So he drops Zoro to avoid being eaten. He falls towards the second cloud level near Giant Jack. Wyper also reaches this level and wants to continue up towards the God House. Ohm stops him from doing so with a sword slash, as he is not allowed to continue upwards. Gan Fall lands on a ruin with Pierre and says it’s pointless to go to the house of God. It’s completely destroyed. He wants to know from Ohm what their plans are. Zoro lands next to Wyper and Boa also breaks through the cloud and is now on it. Sitting next to Ohm is his dog Holy. Everyone is ready for a fight.


  • The March (music) is used to regulate an orderly procession of larger crowds.
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