One Piece Chapter 266


Sanji is sitting, lost in thought, with his eyes closed and a glass in his hand, on some logs in front of a field. Next to him is a plate with a leg of meat, which is decorated with a bow. A fox, covered with some bandages, is about to steal it and is squinting in his direction. In the background you can see a farm and a church.


Upper Yard: Robin walks through the ruins below Giant Jack. According to her thoughts, the topography and extent of the ruins do not match what is recorded in the logbook. One thing in particular strikes her as odd.

Giant Jack: Chopper climbs further up the vine and arrives at the next cloud level. There are ruins here as well. Too late Chopper notices the sleeping dog Holy and the priest Ohm. The priest says that Chopper is the third person to pass by today. Ohm thanks Chopper for his victory over Gedatsu, which he considers superfluous. Chopper stumbles over a bloodied Shandia warrior and is then afraid of Holy, who Ohm says doesn’t just bite people. Ohm thinks out loud about humans. What purpose does a human life serve if they only fight each other and kill each other. The way out, he says, is to kill all humans equally. Ohm stands up and asks Chopper what he is doing here. Chopper replies that he is looking for the gold in the ruins. For Ohm, according to his own statement, only strife arises from greed and thereupon he announces that he wants to redeem Chopper.

Upper Yard: Laki kneels over the mantis defeated by Enel. The latter asks her to find Wyper and stop him, as he too cannot defeat Enel. She gives him Aisa’s bag and goes in search of Wyper. She says to herself in her mind that the elemental or natural power of the Thunder Fruit is the strongest variety of all the Devil Fruits.

Upper Yard, Altar of Sacrifice: Zoro is once again standing in front of the altar of sacrifice. He recognizes the place, but thinks it’s just a similar-looking one. The Southbird laughs at him in response, so Zoro throws his backpack at him. The bird thinks there are provisions in the backpack and then wants to leave with it. Zoro follows him, however, and is able to hold onto the straps, whereupon he is carried up into the sky.

Scene change: Luffy has arrived at the end of the supposed cave, where instead of an exit only a wall is waiting for him. He now tries to drill a hole using the Gomu Gomu no Bazooka. Shortly after, the earth begins to shake and Luffy is whirled around.

Giant Jack: Chopper runs away from Ohm and hides among the ruins. Ohm stands far away, reaches for his sword and hits Chopper from a long distance, who then loses consciousness and slumps. Ohm states: The survival rate in the test of iron is zero, he says.

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