One Piece Chapter 265


Zoro is sitting at a temple while it is raining. A kind of rabbit stands in front of him with a leaf as rain protection and offers him a leaf as well.


Upper Yard, Forest: Nami is riding the repaired Waver, which is powered by a jet dial, making it faster. Conis and Pagaya want to take her off Skypiea, but they still need to collect the four remaining Straw Hats, so they wait near the ruins. Aisa can’t make out any groups of four on the island through her mantora though, at most there are groups of two. She has never heard so many voices go out before and is on the verge of tears. She hopes that Laki is alright.

Luffy continues to wander the cave and can’t find an exit. He is hungry and hopes the others are okay. A Southbird wants food from Zoro, but he has already eaten his ration and tries to scare the bird away. Enel has made the prediction that after three hours of fighting, only five people will be able to stand upright. After two hours, 25 of the former 81 are still alive. Enel walks through the forest and sees a Shandia, which he takes out with his lightning power. Only 24 left.

Robin vs Yama: Robin runs away from Yama, who continues to destroy the ruins. She manages to lure him out of there and gives up running. She is angry at Yama who is trampling all over history. Yama jumps at her and goes to hit her with Drop Mountain. Robin counters with treinta fleurs, hang. She uses the momentum from Yama’s attack and slams him into a tree. She can barely hold Yama’s weight. The latter is pissed off and comes at Robin with Flickflacks, looking to hit her with Axe-Mountain. Robin sprouts arms from Yama’s body, covering his eyes and flipping the belt with Axe-Dials. He flies past Robin into a tree and is hit by his own Axe-Dials. Defeated, he lies on the ground. Robin tells him you can’t go back in time, which is why ruins are invaluable. Yama rears back once more, but is held at bay by Robin’s arms growing out of his body. Using Cien Fleurs, Delphinium pulls Yama to a cliff and throws him off. As he falls, she holds his arms and legs. Yama was defeated by Robin.

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