One Piece Chapter 264


Usopp is sitting on a bench in a room. He laughs and takes off his socks. There are four mice wearing pants in the room with him. One is balancing on a ball and has Usopp’s sock on as a hat.


The Snow White Sea: Pagaya is heading for the Upper Yard in his Waver. With him is Conis and the Shandia Aisa, who picked them up. Due to Aisa’s ability to hear voices with the Mantora, she is able to pinpoint the Blue Eers’ whereabouts. However, she is shaking and has tears in her eyes because she has never heard so many voices go out at once. With a loud trumpet, they head for the Upper Yard.

Sky Road, The Going Merry: Gan Fall has put his armor back on and wants to leave Nami. His men and the country are in danger and he must help them. He climbs on Pierre and flies away. Nami is about to take care of Sanji and Usopp when a Milky Dial falls onto the Sky-Road right in front of the The Going Merry. On the cloud, the Waver of Pagaya arrives. They toot loudly in greeting. Aisa wants to go on, but is stopped by Pagaya. She wants to finish Nami off, who simply holds the Impact left behind by Gan Fall in front of Aisa’s face. Nami is told to take the route Pagaya came in on, it leads straight to the Snow White Sea.

Upper Yard: Yama attacks Robin with Stomach Mountain, who is able to dodge but is hit by debris shot around by Yama’s impact. She stands in front of the monument, desperate to protect it. She tries to stop Yama with Veinte Fleurs, Calendula, but is knocked away again on impact. Yama laughs at her attempt to protect the ruins, he himself is not attached to the past. He attacks her with Punch Mountain, but she is able to dodge the blow. She’s trying to draw him away from the ruins.

The fighting in the Upper Yard continues. Enel was asleep for a moment and wonders about Mantis’ attempts to hit him. When the latter tries to ram his spear into Enel’s head, it just goes right through. Enel has eaten the Thunder Fruit, a logia power, and has become thunder and lightning as a result. He can turn his entire body into electricity. He is the natural phenomenon itself, people fear the unknown and see it as the work of God. Mantis desperately tries one last attack. He has a Flame Dial attached to a handle and creates a blade of flame, Burn-Blade. He cuts through a tree and Enel, who doesn’t mind due to his Logia powers. The five minutes are up, he says, and he will now strike back. Mantis tries to escape via Sky-Road and wants to warn Wyper that he can’t defeat Enel. Enel attacks Mantis with 1 million volt discharge, the voltage transfers to the river and takes out 20 more fighters.

Out of an initial 81 fighters, 56 dropped out after two hours. 13 Divine Soldierss, 7 Shandia and 5 Straw Hats. A total of 25 are still able to fight.

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